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  1. Brought tears to my eyes.
  2. Tomorrows daily rebel!

    Surprised that Brenda didn’t ask the reporter, “Are you a Rangers Supporter?”
  3. Dear Mr. Murty...........

    OK. Dear Mr Murty See that letter you got from East Enclosure Row N, will you add Lee Hodson’s name to the list. Forever grateful.
  4. Football is dying.

    Fuck them all, fuck them all, fuck them all. For we won’t be mastered by no Fenian bastard Fucjk them all, fuck then all, fuck them all.
  5. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Boxing Day 1959. Beat Stirling Albion 3-0.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Why doesn’t the Daily Rebel just change it’s title to Ra Sellik View?
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Rod Stewart pleading “Love me, love me” by announcing on stage he’s making a £10k donation to an award winner. No doubt many of the other celebrities would be making generous donations to various charities but didn’t need to make a public announcement about it. Taig like behaviour from Sir Rod.
  8. Desmond v Daly

    Are you driving there? If so, get there early because parking can be a nightmare. Good idea also to make a note of where you have actually parked. When I lived in Cheshire I visited the Trafford Centre on numerous occasions but didn’t buy a bloody thing. Always got fed up with the huge crowds and got out of there as quick as I could. Anyway, good luck. I’d deliberately leave my wallet at home.
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Did the mhutant wear a Poppy when he was at Liverpool? Pretty sure he would have. He’s a disgrace, his team is a disgrace, his club is a disgrace and their fans are a disgrace.
  10. U20's v Liverpool at Ibrox tonight

    You’re 100% correct. Don’t know what I was thinking. You get a parking space if you’re doing Hospitality but that’s it.
  11. U20's v Liverpool at Ibrox tonight

    Can you not park at the Ground tonight? Won’t be too many people at the match, I suspect. I walk to the ground from Shawlands so don’t use The Albion.
  12. U20's v Liverpool at Ibrox tonight

    The team is usually full of 17 year olds.
  13. U20's v Liverpool at Ibrox tonight

    Think I might pop along to this. Only £2 for a Concession; that’s me. Wee swally in The Bellrock before and after would be good.
  14. What an experience the Founders Trail will be for these young people as Our Story is like no other in sport. Congratulations, Iain and Gordon; well deserved for all the hard work you put in researching The Rangers Story. Glad to hear the Club is helping to take the message far and wide.
  15. Slovenia v Scotland

    Hahahaha. Failed again. Wankers.