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  1. What an experience the Founders Trail will be for these young people as Our Story is like no other in sport. Congratulations, Iain and Gordon; well deserved for all the hard work you put in researching The Rangers Story. Glad to hear the Club is helping to take the message far and wide.
  2. Slovenia v Scotland

    Hahahaha. Failed again. Wankers.
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

  4. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Moved to The Drum from Govan in 1955. The Drum was and is, as you know, a big place and Kingsridge, if my old memory serves me right, had over 1000 pupils when I went there. I'll go to PM with some more detail.
  5. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    There were three McGrain brothers, Danny, Robert and Thomas. I went to Camus Place Prinary school and Kingsridge Secondary school with Robert. Robert was a decent midfielder but had diabetes and didn't make it in the game here. I think he went to New Zealand or Australia and played semi-pro there.
  6. Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Steve, Sorry to hear of your sad loss. Your Mum lives on in you and your Dad. That love your family has for each other never dies.
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Mibbees Aye and Mibbees Naw. Feck it, Aye!!!!
  8. Is Niko trying to showboat too much?

    That's Niko. He's always looking to play men in with a defence-splitting pass. It won't always come off but I enjoy watching him turn opponents inside out. He's an entertainer.
  9. Great news and well deserved for all the hard work you guys have put in on The Founders Trail.
  10. Johnny Hubbard

    A true gentleman with a rapier wit. Wee Johnny always likes to have the last word and it usually ends in laughter. His story, The Penalty King, is worth a read.
  11. Marseille at Ibrox - 22nd July

    What the feck are you on about? Please explain why we should invite cheating bassas to Ibrox? Are you saying we can't get other European teams to come to Ibrox?
  12. Marseille at Ibrox - 22nd July

    You fuck off. I've supported Our Club for over 57 years but there's no need to INVITE these cheating bassas back to Our Club.
  13. Marseille at Ibrox - 22nd July

    Marseille can get tae f*ck as far as I'm concerned. But I will be there to abuse the cheating bassas if this game goes ahead. Really though, why does Our Board invite a Club like this to Ibrox?
  14. Jock Stein Tainted Title.

    Anyone, including, Stein who knew what was going on could have reported it. The fact that Stein was "just an employee" does not exonerate him. BJK and he covered it up. That is a fact.
  15. Emotionally and mentally taxing but I've continued to Follow, Follow with Pride. These years have reinforced my belief that Our Club and Support is the best.