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  1. That plus something being thrown at Tav ... But it won't be reported in because it's only football fans from Glasgow who have a problem.
  2. Yet it was Goldson who literally gave the ball to them for the first goal.
  3. It was a shocking decision but we only have ourselves to blame for being in that position. At 2-0 they were there for a doing. We bottled it.
  4. I love the big man so maybe I'm biased, but that centre defence of ours is terrible. If Helander was bought for £3k instead of £3m everyone would want him punted to the reserves. Goldson is untouchable so no point even discussing his place in the team.
  5. I've heavily criticized him this season but I thought last night was his best game by far. Hopefully he keeps it up.
  6. Best since McCoist I would say. The start of the season I might have out Jelavic & Prso ahead of him but he's putting daylight between him & them, his form this season has been ridiculous. I honestly wouldn't want to sell him for any amount right now, don't think I've loved a player like him since Gazza left.
  7. The fact there's people on this forum wanting Halliday starting just shows how mental our support can be.
  8. Goldson needs dropped, he's a bombscare at the best of times but lately he's been really poor ... He's Gerrard's golden boy though so it won't happen.
  9. One of our best players last night, hopefully Gerrard gives him the chance to keep that form going.
  10. He's a luxury, one we can't afford in a crucial derby.
  11. Manager bottled it but he wasn't helped by the 11 shitebags on the park. 4 games in & we're behind them already ...
  12. Hope to fuck we don’t sell them for less than we paid. If no one offers us decent money for them then at least give them some time to hopefully improve, we waste far too much money bringing guys in to sell for half the price or pay off completely.
  13. We just love bringing someone back to the club, don't we?
  14. Thought the defence looked good today apart from Goldson nearly gifting them a goal. If Katic is dropped after today I will be shocked.
  15. Should have launched Edouard into the stands for the first goal, hasn't been good enough for a while.
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