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  1. The depth of the squad isn't the problem. The team that played today are basically all first team players apart from Stewart & maybe Edmundson at a push.
  2. I'm not Goldson's biggest fan but he's been head & shoulders above any other defender we have this season. It's him & whoever else can match him for form.
  3. An absolute joke of performance, the yellow card to Goldson for having the cheek to question why he wasn't giving Cosgrove a booking was unbelievable. I don't understand how Cosgrove always gets away with 9-10 fouls against us, if it was Morelos he would have been sent off after 2.
  4. That Barker signing just gets stranger every time I watch him ... What did someone see in him ?
  5. Can't argue with his assessment of the game, guys like Jones, Barker, Halliday & Ojo just aren't good enough to be here.
  6. Perfect response to that article, Leckie should be treated like the buffoon he is.
  7. Statement is spot on, they've done exactly what the can & have to do. The bit about Morelos is especially needed, we can all see he is treated differently to every other player in the country so it's nice to see the club acknowledge it.
  8. Gets better with every game, best player on the park for me.
  9. I'm not pissed because he missed one penalty against them, I'm pissed because he's never scored against them, even though he's had so many chances ... Not to mention at least 3 good chances he fucked up today. If we aren't ruthless right now then we'll turn into another Aberdeen .. this team isn't good enough.
  10. They have just won the first cup of the season & they are ahead in the league ... It doesn't matter a fuck if we dominate games, we don't win !
  11. We should if we want a player who will score against our only rivals in Scotland
  12. Honestly I was Morelos biggest fan this morning. A player is only as good as his last game ... His last 2 have been shambolic, & they were the ones that mattered. Would Boyd, Prso, Novo, Shota etc have missed that penalty tonight ? No chance.
  13. Good response, you've really changed my mind. Eduoard would have been sitting on the bench laughing at his performance.
  14. But he fucking never !!! Will you be saying this in 10 games time ? ... 'when he finally scores against them '
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