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    Wee mans first game - Tradition

    So.. The wee man and I had a superb day. He was genuinely buzzing. Got his scarf, programme, spent a bit of time with Broxi et al in the fanzone and had a random photo with the bold Andy Cameron MBE in front of the main stand. He didn't have a clue what was going on when the game was on..kept asking where Broxi was.. Made it to 61 minutes then fell into the deepest sleep imaginable, slavers the lot. Gave him 10 minutes then dived off for the subway. Lots of great photos taken aswell as a video of us hand in hand up the steps into the Copland Road for his first look. Priceless. Cheers for the suggestions all. A new Bear is born.

    Wee mans first game - Tradition

    Superb responses. I like the carrot idea for the horses, also I wouldn't usually buy a programme but getting it and framing his stuff is a cracking idea. Pin badge too is a good one. Seeing the players or Sir Walter is a bit of a waste, he doesn't have a clue. I'd enjoy it though! Might take him along to the fanzone aswell for a look. Said to him this morning 'Where you going tomorrow' - his response with a smile was simply 'Ibrox'. Fully expecting to leave at 60 mins but I'm buzzing for the day. We all remember our first trip, forever.
  3. Taking my 3 year old son tomorrow for his first look at Ibrox. Plan is; train in, some lunch, buy him first scarf then the game. Any traditions anyone can pass on to make the experience as memorable as possible? (Appreciate its doubtful he will remember it when he grows up)
  4. I will take that as it's unlikely. The wee man will be gutted.
  5. Do we have strips for infants available yet? My 3 year old wee boy wants one for Xmas.

    ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Anyone recommend anywhere decent in Glasgow for a pre-match pint that will let my 6 year old daughter in?

    ***The Official Rangers vs Dumbarton Match Thread***

    I think I will take my 3 year old daughter to her first Rangers game today. Does anyone know if can get tickets right up to kick off? Fancy Rangers win and BTTS. 3-1. WATP