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  1. obiwan72

    Radio Clyde saying Hearts will be liquidated Monday

    I want them to survive purely so we can pump them next season
  2. obiwan72

    ******The Official East Fife Vs Rangers Match Thread*****

    Startin to doubt that well even win this league now. Bunch a fuckin bottle merchants
  3. obiwan72

    *****The Official Forfar v Rangers Thread*****

    Mohsni is a fuckin bombscare
  4. obiwan72

    *****The Official Forfar v Rangers Thread*****

    A think 4-0 gers with jig to score 1st. See it bein a scrappy affair with the 1st goal comin from a set piece
  5. To be honest I've told anyone who'll listen. Every bluenose I know, knows about it now
  6. From what the papers say 'it's their duty to uphold every complaint'
  7. obiwan72

    UFC live.

    Took me a while to find a UFC thread. Did anyone see sol as leg break? Before the replays a didn't know what was up with him. Looked like he just crumbled to the ground. Sickening when a saw it afterward