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  1. Like the footballing version of Trading Places.
  2. Jim Bergerac likes this thread.
  3. I played Royal St George’s today . It’s tough track with the breeze up.
  4. You spelt Stinky wrong mate..
  5. Doubt Pep hang around now after this season .
  6. That’s a proper drop kick to the head. Well played Rangers
  7. I guess he’s brought us together though .
  8. They don’t even hide it these days as they know there will be no comeback.
  9. It’s full on schizophrenia with some posters .
  10. What is wrong with your full stop button ?
  11. He’s not here for the money and nor does he need the money . I’d be surprised if he was getting £20k per week.
  12. Through his charity fund raising and actually having first hand experience of the pain real mental issues can cause, I find it abhorrent that the media and they can somehow turn this around and make Kris Boyd out to be in the wrong . I hope he continues to fight his corner and I also hope Griffiths would fuck off , ugly little gimp .
  13. Ageed , he is a very good trainer . After Frampton left though was a matter of time before Taylor left . Having met Taylor a few times it doesn’t overly surprise that he’s left the way he has.
  14. I believe that to a certain extent Shane is caught in the middle but the whole family have unfairly profited from their fighters. As I said this is will all be aired with the Frampton case .
  15. Unfortunately the Mcguigans have done little to deserve loyalty. The Frampton case starts in a few weeks and think there will be some revelations coming out
  16. Exactly this. Complain whilst we are ahead and avoid the ‘ sour grapes ‘ comeback . No doubt in my mind today that Clancy was out to cheat us . I think Gerrard’s reaction at the end says he finally understands the issues we are up against .
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