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  1. DaleFo8


    Glendermott Cricket Club
  2. Official Announcement Part of the deal for Morelos
  3. Aye 3 yellows, misses next match. Doesn't reset until quarter finals either.
  4. I know of one, from Belfast. He's a complete knob though, think he just goes against the norm to try stick out for some reason. He moved to Glasgow and tells stories of how he was in the UVF or some shit, just makes up complete bullshit. Remember one time he showed a picture of a few guys in balaclavas with guns and said he was one of them. Came home and saw the exact same picture on here, just one of those well known pictures that everyone had seen somehow and he was claiming it was him
  5. Quotes all lifted straight from the RYDC Twitter Q&A
  6. DaleFo8

    Ryan Kent

    If the new FIFA rules come in to play and teams can only loan out 6-8 players, clubs will probably be looking to offload players and put a buyback clause in the deal. Could happen with a few of our loan players next season.
  7. Wouldn't say worried, but it's just hoping no complacency sets in, and that ringing in a few changes doesn't throw things off balance. I'm thinking another high scoring win in all honesty, hopefully 4/5-0. Think Gerrard will make sure no one gets complacent and will want them to go out and dominate, keep momentum going, and anyone who starts that wouldn't usually will be looking to impress. But can see why others may be thinking a bit more cautiously.
  8. Easily better than Alnwick, so definitely the better keeper to have as backup for McGregor.
  9. DaleFo8


    Saw that. Along with Dorrans. Hopefully get some kind of word on both of them after the international break
  10. They've been saying it all day, looks like a stock response. Their update later will probably be they're not showing it.
  11. if you're on Android, I use TVTap and it's usually pretty good quality, know that works with chromecast too. Otherwise, check r/soccerstreams and they should have a few links, usually a YouTube one and that'll work with chromecast.
  12. I don't think anyone wants the other teams to do well, I certainly don't, but I can see the upside of any results they may get.
  13. We get 1 point for a win in qualifying. 0.5 points for a draw. These double in the group stages. Minimum 3 points in the EL group stage so even if you lose all group stage games you get 3 points for making it there. Points are then divided by number of teams in Europe. Scotland are currently sitting on 12.5 points/4 teams = 3.125 for this year, so any wins or draws for any Scottish teams benefits us. Doesn't mean I want them to do well, would rather see them all fucked 7-0 every game, but if they do win, at least we know it'll benefit us in the future.
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