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  1. So that's the Tav injury stuff cleared up then. It was his appendix and he is going to miss a couple of weeks.
  2. Link isn't working mate. Error 404 - Not Found
  3. DaleFo8

    Ryan Jack

    He was missing the next game because he got booked, then got booked again. Would that mean he'd miss 2 games, 1 for multiple yellows in groups and 1 for 2 yellows in the game, or will it still just be one?
  4. Even if the username had changed, you'd still have known this post was Jim
  5. You're the complete opposite to most people's reactions Love the blue, black's good, red is just meh.
  6. Aye 3 yellows, misses next match. Doesn't reset until quarter finals either.
  7. Wouldn't say worried, but it's just hoping no complacency sets in, and that ringing in a few changes doesn't throw things off balance. I'm thinking another high scoring win in all honesty, hopefully 4/5-0. Think Gerrard will make sure no one gets complacent and will want them to go out and dominate, keep momentum going, and anyone who starts that wouldn't usually will be looking to impress. But can see why others may be thinking a bit more cautiously.
  8. Try r/soccerstreams. Usually get a YouTube link on there.
  9. Who's SId? Am I missing something or is my brain switched off?
  10. http://barcelonalive.net/live/sky-sports-2-live-streaming-cricfree.html
  11. Saw that, didn't see Windass though, so guessing he is out then
  12. The Sun front page tomorrow...
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