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  1. There'll be no apologies from anyone. Every single outlet so far is still wording it to say the video allegedly shows us singing repeated anti-catholic lyrics.
  2. Damage done sadly. National news outlets running with this pish as if it's fact (like SSN earlier), cunts like that Slavia cretin creeping back out to hurt Kamara and the club, and countless arseholes like Humza wading in with glee disregarding any facts to suit their cause. You'd genuinely think that none of them have actually bothered to watch any footage because it's so obviously nonsense. They don't need to clearly, as long as enough cunts get the narrative going, the actual truth is long since irrelevant. Club will do fuck all as well. They never fucking do.
  3. fuck me. Hitting like me like a truck today. Blubbering mess
  4. Most expensive fenian squad ever as well. Mind the gap and then some!
  5. Invincibles. 25 points clear of the most expensive fenian squad ever fucking assembled. FUCKING YESSS!!!!!!!!!
  6. No fucking words man. what an unbelievable achievement!!!! God fucking bless
  7. What a coward walking away at this point
  8. I find it funny when he mentions shite like "having" to play the 3rd choice keeper in games as if that's the reason they've fucked it. In the 22 games since we beat them all the way back in October, they've kept a whopping 6 clean sheets. 4 of those were when the "third choice" keeper was in goals. Daft cunt. I hope they give him another year
  9. Can only assume the team buying Frimpong doesn't employ an analysis department because the lad is genuinely one of the worst fullbacks in every category going. Stats show he cannot cross to save his life and he cannot defend either. His successful cross rate / pass rate into the box is brutal. His decision making is appalling on top of all that (never more apparent than in the old firms and euro games this season). More fool them, whoever it ends up being
  10. Brilliant. Been years since the ref actually did their job when that cunt does his usual party trick off the ball. Absolutely should've been a penalty when that Klimala elbowed the lad in the box too. Between that and the offside, the fenians got away with one tonight. Should've lost.
  11. Herald sport with the mugshot to end all mugshots:
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