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  1. Comes a point when their cunt fans will realise he costs them far more than he gives them.
  2. Fantastic it was that wee soap dodgers bastard giving it away as well edit: since when is there a filter on here?
  3. Hope to fuck Sakala can pull something out the bag and get us the win
  4. Davis off. Thank fuck. Morelos as well been poor tonight.
  5. Goldson winds me up so fucking much at this point it's unreal.
  6. Holy fuck man. What is wrong with some of these players
  7. 1st sub has to be either Roofe or Sakala for Morelos
  8. Set the tone early with the pressure and the clear cut chances and gave everything they had. Should've had at least one more goal but you can't ask for much more. Really looking forward to Sunday now!
  9. Pretty much as night and day as two performances can be. Brilliant to watch!
  10. Can see them changing the tiers from next season to convince people to keep paying it next year. They'll never keep everyone happy though.
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