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  1. Not the worst, not the best. Definitely winnable.
  2. Conceding some proper shite goals against this mob over these two legs
  3. Unreal out the traps and then some this half. Two great goals. Vintage Morelos that.
  4. Yeah, they showed a much better angle a couple minutes later.
  5. My feed seems a bit behind, just seen a much better angle.
  6. Looked offside as fuck Edit: it's actually no upon a better angle viewing
  7. Only lost 1 game in our last 40 across all comps. 33 wins in there as well. Unreal.
  8. 100th game for us tonight topped off with 2 goals. Love it.
  9. Yass, get the fuck in! What an utterly bizarre up and down game. They cunts should never have had that bullshit penalty though! Gutted for Tav. Really hope it's not bad.
  10. How much stoppage time will the ref fancy this half? 10 minutes?
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