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  1. Absolutely man, 100%. The sheer amount of money they've spent on that shite they had today is mental. Another thing actually, I never knew was that big gimp Julien hasn't played since that 5-0 away to Ross County on the 12th of September and wasn't on the bench either today. Wonder what the deal is there because I never heard anything about an injury to him? Last thing was Lennon saying he's a "slow starter" after giving away the pen at Killie and that was that. £7m wasted.
  2. Scraping by Dundee Utd, Sarajevo, Riga and St Mirren papered over the cracked for their mongo mob big time. Today it really showed as Boyd said, boys against men.
  3. I'd like to find out the last time they didn't manage a shot on target in an old firm but I can't find much to be honest. Last time we failed to manage a shot on target in one was that (less said about it the better) 2-0 loss in 2015 when ian fucking black was in our midfield ffs. Just shows how rare it is, to be that off it. Unreal today.
  4. I genuinely can't remember the last time I seen such a heartless and timid performance from those cunts.
  5. Curly from the 3 stooges getting a deserved smack
  6. Supersonic


    They haven't won at easter road in the league since 2014 I think? Good fucking chance they drop points there.
  7. Supersonic


    True. But livi at home we've never really struggled with. Killie away is like our kryptonite. If ever there a game to earmark for points dropped that's the one
  8. Wasn't for that ajer he'd have had a nice, deserved goal today
  9. Supersonic


    This. Monumental now. It's a perfect marker to show whether we actually have what it takes or not.
  10. Supersonic


    Put a massive marker down today. Think one of the stats I overheard was over 75% of the time the team that wins the first old firm wins the fucking league. Roll on fucking May then!! No winter break this year could be a god send as well.
  11. Supersonic


    Wasn't letting anyone get any of their excuses out or a word in edge wise. Put the bastards in their place pronto and was loving it
  12. Took a couple of sore ones puttin his body on the line. Exactly what is required! Love the big fella
  13. He genuinely looked lost today. Even with no fans the occasion got to the big fenian cunt
  14. Done 3 of they bastards rotten at one point in one go. Bossed it!
  15. Mcgregor could've stayed at home the day, had fuck all to do thanks to Goldson and Helander
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