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  1. Not something we've been used to under Gerrard so far. 33 games we've conceded first in, this is only the 8th time we've came back and won. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Lot of belief in the team this year and things like tonight will only help give us more.
  2. Brilliant win to see us into the knockouts. We were shocking as well for so much of the game. This is only the 8th time in 33 games under Gerrard that we've conceded first, came back and won.
  3. I really hope Gerrard makes some subs tonight. Can be quite stingy with them even when it's obvious we need something.
  4. I think it'd be decent if we could pass to each other instead of Liege players.
  5. Good. Can we see out the last minute of stoppage though ffs?
  6. Surely that wasn't a shot from Arfield there? No need for the pass there, should've shot
  7. Shocking fucking defending. Schoolboy stuff from us tonight.
  8. Nice. Been due a goal from a corner! Great to see the big man on the score sheet again as well
  9. We don't tend to win games under Gerrard when we go behind first so that's shite.
  10. An admin has vouched for the guy that posted it and his information.
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