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  1. just put them up as they arenot there in the OPs first picture
  2. That holt song is the most embarrassing thing I've heard in all my life
  3. MOH appears to be completely ineffective in our setup!
  4. Was the ticket £21? If so mines took on the 3rd and no ticket as yet!
  5. Hi bbbb go frack yourself!
  6. Wtf is with all the shit on screen? Wanna see the game not all your tables and advert banners and shit!
  7. BT 1 & 2 are free on XL package but prices are now going up £3 per month for BT Europe
  8. Andrew Dickson saying SDoW is there hopefully watching sibbald does not make it a rumour that hes watching sibbald!
  9. Whst I liked was that he was alwsys in space with both hands in the air looking for the ball! yes he lost it a few times but still always looking for it
  10. Why does this guy get anywhere near our free kicks total clown
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