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  1. Bring it home boys 💪 IMG_0276.MOV
  2. Aye I reckon they’d Chuck points before our game if they thought we would be turning up to that midden to take our crown back
  3. Aye hope your doing well mate 💪
  4. Loved this top, this was the first top I had
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed that when I was about 8 😂
  6. Surely they go to the next shops cameras and so on to get a general idea of the direction he headed. Fucking mind boggling how people can go missing in this day and age let alone be caught once in just over a week on a camera.
  7. 😂😂 cunts moan at anything. The guy runs a business and wants to make as much as he can like everybody else. This time about a year ago we couldnt get tops or training gear and most people were running about in mehmets fake shite, if this was on the go back then it would have been queued down the street.
  8. Had a wee read on there last night myself. Couple of their fans calling us Rangers2012 before brand new accounts like “Souness” appeared and set the record straight 😂😂.
  9. One of the funniest guys I’ve ever met his old man. Staunch as they come
  10. Mines has been taken mate it shouldn’t be long, I wouldn’t worry. My car insurance & phone bill comes off a minute after midnight and the bold Rangers are leaving everybody thinking there’s been a problem 🤣
  11. Fuck all taken from me yet either but I think last months were taken at random times over the day.
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