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  1. Im not sure the formation is the big problem. We crumble like a sandcastle in the rain when teams play a high press, in yer face, type of game. We have a team almost full of guys with a heart the size of a pea. Attitude and bottle is whats lacking and unfortunately bottle cannot be taught, you either have it or you don’t.
  2. Its just a continuous boot in the baws. Just when you think it can’t get any sorer, it does, but with twice the force.
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    Every teams captain is right in the referees face if a 50/50 decision goes against them. Not Tavernier, hes puts his hand over his mouth in case theres any fkn lip readers giving a fuck what he says. Guys a fkn perennial loser.
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    He took a throw i tonight and got the ball played back to him with 2 hearts players running at him full pelt. He absolutely shat himself, lifted his foot up and let the ball run under his foot for a throw in to them. Guys a fkn shitebag coward.
  5. He should resign and admit hes out of his depth. No compo, just resign.
  6. Manager needs to come clean on whats gone on behind closed doors recently. Too many rumour and mumblings going around.
  7. Can’t score if you can’t get up the park. The ridiculous trying to play out from the back on a tiny pitch crucified us AGAIN. His unwillingness to alter tactics should see him walk.
  8. Bbc, the sun and most media outlets are laughing their proverbial pants off at us. Its beyond contempt now, they see us as a daily whipping boy with absolutely no recourse. We need to act and act now.
  9. Goldson is howling and has been since he dropped like a wardrobe in last seasons opener at pittodrie for their last minute equaliser. The amount of goals hes cost us is staggering, yet hes first name on every teamsheet.
  10. We got back in the game by going 2 up front and as soon as we take the lead he goes back to the same old push thats been honking since Christmas. Absolutely astonishing tactics.
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    Leagues over

    Its not over yet but will be when we cunt it up and draw on wed v hibs
  12. Happy New Year to everyone from this lurker. 55 is coming this year. Believe 🇬🇧
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    We must be the only country where sneaky bastards going out to deliberately get another player sent off is actually gets applauded.
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