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  1. blueredandwhite

    Rangers Tartan Tie

    Does anyone know any shops in Glasgow that sell the Rangers Tartan Tie? Found a few online, but need it for today. Cheers
  2. blueredandwhite

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    If we are going to keep track of decisions for, the we surely need to say the Penalty is at least a key decision for, despite the lack of Red to build a fair case, going forward. Is the plan to amend this after every Scottish tie to reflect the situation?
  3. blueredandwhite

    Where we all sitting next Sunday

    Anyone looking to swap a North or South stand ticket for a West Stand one?
  4. blueredandwhite

    Retail Deal News incoming

    Kitbag have the actual match shirt still avaiable and on sale. Shame Rangers don't see the benefit from purchase. http://www.kitbag.com/stores/kitbag/en/product/glasgow-rangers-home-authentic-shirt-2016-17/174205?oloc=bgw&bypass=30x&portal=googlepla&cmp=gbc-ukshopping&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc-shopping&utm_campaign=shopping&istcompanyid=18f90ca3-d83d-4f99-92e1-28b21fdd9e43&istitemid=xxxwqlwtll&istbid=tztx&gclid=clu62i61z9qcfe-d7qodrcwjhq
  5. blueredandwhite

    17/18 kits

    Could be something like this but darker...
  6. blueredandwhite

    Semi final ballot details

  7. blueredandwhite

    Semi final ballot details

  8. blueredandwhite

    Semi final ballot details

    The email for the league cup semi came in at 5.24pm to my inbox
  9. blueredandwhite

    Rangers Lookalikes.

  10. blueredandwhite

    The Joey Barton Thread

    Wearing the number 60 training gear