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  1. Team is full a shite bags apart from a couple of experienced veterans , nothing the manager can do
  2. He's been paraded about with a top with miller 2018 on it. Wonder how much that cost we need all the money we can get
  3. Managed to get this off work anyone with spare tickets nearer the time hit me with a message cheers lads
  4. Although if the signal wasn't shite a wid probably take a selfie after millers banged wan in and send it to ma pals
  5. It's bang out a order
  6. A video of the last time we played them in the Scottish cup wid have jazzed it up a bit
  7. It was a human mate. You're barking up the wrong tree with dogs
  8. A wouldn't recommend it m8 it's in a rough area u will be in grave danger
  9. Tell me about it mate. I'm hoping everyone's phone has been stolen
  10. Can anyone help me with a ticket was at a funeral today of a person who a was very close to and it fell in their coffin and is now buried
  11. Excellent from the club my 3 year old just been diagnosed with autism. Good to know the club are recognising it
  12. Did they actually boo that cunt when he came on? Don't know the reason and don't really care but that is fucking laughable booing someone pulling on the jersey
  13. Why did James McFadden just giggle like a wee girl cause he rhymes 2 words together
  14. Am having nun ae this
  15. We wouldn't have got it