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  1. Candeias immediately showing why he shouldn’t be overlooked
  2. Halliday Andy Halliday!!
  3. Anyway enough about me wonder what he’s got in his locker
  4. ChrisMcb


    He’s no lying , when Ibrox is rocking nothing comes close
  5. There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes.
  6. A love the “he’s right but he’s still a prick” threads haha
  7. That first 7 minutes can honestly say without being ashamed was the happiest I’ve been , I’ve got 3 kids, but it’s a different kind of happy , bring on 55 it’ll be just as sweet
  8. We’re looking even more appealing now with the bookies at 21/20!
  9. Heard they sacked their manager ? Rapid Vienetta a mean
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