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  1. Am driving in myself for the first time in a long long time , bought a space in Albion car park online, do a have to go to the ticket office and get something? Because the website said collect
  2. Was a screamer though and should be used when we are selling him to barca
  3. Cause he scored against Chelsea
  4. Ordered mine on Sunday hope it's sent out in time
  5. He died but came back under a different name
  6. Really is amazing how quick the megastore sold out after the renegotiation when u sit back and think about it. Our support is simply the best
  7. A thought his release clause was a wispa gold and a lanky Larry???? king oot
  8. A preferred chronic diarrhoea to waghorn
  9. Much we get
  10. Well it is a forum and people are free to share what they want but thanks for the input pal
  11. Used to celebrate when Scotland scored and when they 2 went in didn't flinch. not proud of that because I'd like a national team I could support but our association is corrupt to the core
  12. Craig De Gordon attempts a sweeper keeper and nearly costs a goals absolute scenes
  13. Brown hahahaha pass nearly came through ma window there
  14. Brown thinks he's playing in a league where he gets away with it every week fucking idiot
  15. Wanky is ma new favourite word