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  1. Press the button Trump
  2. He must be in LINE for a big job
  3. Got fucked out there last season, couldn't get served a pint so a stuck a fiver next to the till , 3 of them grabbed me and took me out and said "wouldn't want to ruin that nice face" haha am fucking ugly
  4. Fucking love us
  5. Junkies poofs and whores
  6. Punch fuck out them
  7. 6 there though lol good luck man
  8. Player for player we are better than these castle loving bastards
  9. Fuck the pope
  10. Looks tricky man , hopefully there's a YouTube link
  11. Is there a way to watch this live on the PS4 browser ? Am with rangers tv but how do a make ma PS4 think am abroad?
  12. Defo mate , funnily enough when it got played in slow motion there was no mention from the commentators that it was a good challenge
  13. Both sides haven't been strengthened and look suspect at times. Wallace looked ok today but his final ball can leave a bit to be desired at times. Hodson was balls. If we get a injury in LB or RB we are in serious bother. Need to sort it before window closes