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  1. ChrisMcb

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Something not right about this cunt but can’t quite put my thumb on it
  2. ChrisMcb

    Another wee positive ...

    This is exactly it
  3. ChrisMcb

    Not gonna lie

    Great bants mate well done
  4. ChrisMcb

    Not gonna lie

    Haha it’s true mate , when u think back to us struggling against 3rd division and then to see that it’s been a hell of a journey
  5. ChrisMcb

    Not gonna lie

    When a think how far down we have been to see a performance like that tonight I’m actually quite emotional , that second half was up there with the best in recent memory, we are Rangers again 💙🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  6. We’re good , we’re very fucking good
  7. ChrisMcb


    Lol what a bite
  8. ChrisMcb


    The Beatles split up
  9. ChrisMcb

    Andy goram

    Any cunt running a bus fae airdrie
  10. ChrisMcb

    James Bay - Simply The Best

    You’re just coming off as an absolute prick mate do yourself, and us a favour and log off and don’t come back
  11. ChrisMcb


  12. ChrisMcb

    Jamie Barjonas

    Fuck knows m8
  13. ChrisMcb

    Pre-season clips/interviews

    Edit already posted as well lol
  14. ChrisMcb

    Players not going to Spain

    Hodson lost his passport , must have left it in some gaff along with his neck