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  1. ChrisMcb


    He’s no lying , when Ibrox is rocking nothing comes close
  2. ChrisMcb

    Sheep wanting 50% of seats for Semi

    There’s no pulling the wool over your eyes.
  3. ChrisMcb

    F*ck Europe

  4. ChrisMcb

    BBC Article on Morelos

    A love the “he’s right but he’s still a prick” threads haha
  5. ChrisMcb

    Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5 May 2011

    That first 7 minutes can honestly say without being ashamed was the happiest I’ve been , I’ve got 3 kids, but it’s a different kind of happy , bring on 55 it’ll be just as sweet
  6. ChrisMcb

    Europa League rival watch

    Hahahahaha he’s desserted them
  7. ChrisMcb

    Europa League rival watch

    We’re looking even more appealing now with the bookies at 21/20!
  8. ChrisMcb

    Europa League rival watch

    Heard they sacked their manager ? Rapid Vienetta a mean
  9. ChrisMcb

    Chances this ever made it to a taig game?

    A honestly hate the pope
  10. ChrisMcb

    U18’s Edge Win

    Quality report as always
  11. ChrisMcb


    U ok babe
  12. ChrisMcb

    The next two weeks

    Momentum is key , we’ve done well to pick ourselves up after the nappy invaders defeat
  13. ChrisMcb

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Bobby sands coffin
  14. ChrisMcb

    The Rangers Are Back

    Players defend for their lives, bodies everywhere , good enough for me. We are back. We are Rangers
  15. ChrisMcb

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Something not right about this cunt but can’t quite put my thumb on it