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  1. Is there a public sale for this?
  2. Youth Round Up

    The futures bright
  3. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Pmd with number
  4. Butcher

    He's either trying too hard to Not be biased towards us or he doesn't give a fuck about us. Either way he's a prick
  5. Butcher

    Honestly prefer Sutton to him and I fucking hate Sutton
  6. Graham Dorrans

    Butcher offers absolutely fuck all apart from a shite joke every half an hour
  7. No many teams do that to st Johnstone at mcdumpmand park. Well done Gers
  8. Some cunt please phone McCoist and tell him it's no mirallas
  9. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for 3 adults
  10. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Pm sent @southdown 1916
  11. No Friday Night Thread?

    When I was young I had no sense....
  12. Morton friendly

    We're 2-0 up, pena hat trick
  13. U20's v Brentford

    Struggle to understand how Ryan hardie hasn't been given a shot yet. Even as a sub
  14. Debbie Harry - a Rangers orgasm.

    That's sound man a would be fucking her from a distance anyway jew to the length of my peen
  15. Debbie Harry - a Rangers orgasm.

    Jamie Lee Curtis would also receive the cocktail sausage. Would give her the worst 30 seconds of her life