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  1. Tables turned Sutton in his first managerial job with celtic wins at Ibrox for first time in nine years how would he react ? Fucking idiot
  2. Happy birthday mate 🇬🇧
  3. It was daft , shouldn’t really have been a second yellow but right now couldn’t give a fuck and am sure he couldn’t either
  4. Heard that as well haha could hear the pain in his voice beasty bastard
  5. Davis or Borna , probably Borna
  6. He was immense but barasic was the match winner imo
  7. https://youtu.be/8o51aA4SlKs
  8. Wits the script wae the pies
  9. Shocking mate we will likely be sanctioned over this
  10. Crucial we keep this run going so nothing less than 3 points today Rangers
  11. Christie was protecting himself 😂😂 my last shite has a better IQ than him and it was pure water
  12. Barasic finally got what it means to pull on a Rangers jersey tonight. Sensational
  13. Won’t boo it, won’t sing it , probably won’t hear it due to our support showing there own respects no big deal
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