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  1. There's a telephone junction box at the end of my street with tarrier shite written all over it These are perfect for covering it up Bought!
  2. Happy enough with that Glad the 2nd leg is at home 1/4 final here we come!
  3. We get another goal and the tie is over Balogun needs help,if hes carrying a knock then get him off
  4. Don't think it will be comfortable tonight but i can se us running out winners 2-1
  5. Really enjoyed that It's hard to remember all the great goals this season as there has been so many, genuinely forgot all about Kents v the sheep at ibrox and a few others Top class
  6. "you lose concentration for three or four seconds and the big man has got a header at the back post and gets a run on the lads. It's been throughout our whole season." Throwing his defenders under the bus as well,no you fuckin mutant YOU sold the jerseys at the Ross county goal, nobody else it was all on you you thick cunt. This title will end a boatload of them
  7. An epic day??? I'm planning on a blackout summer Keevins
  8. Yaasss start screeching ya dirty bastard
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