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  1. Typical 1st game back, Adrenaline got us through the 1st 15 then slowed,we're doing just enough,just Can see a fast start to the 2ns half and hopefully a 2nd goal
  2. Any win with a clean sheet would be the perfect start for us A wee bit surprised by the team but i shouldn't be really,we can't play the same XI every game and guys like Bassey have done well,we need to trust them at some point,step up and play lads. 2-0
  3. Looking like its coming together now Lundstrum will piss this league up here,Sakala looks rapid and really pleasedcwith Wright Keep it coming!
  4. I was doing great till the trophy got lifted and i saw Sandy Jardine's name on the stand behind them and the tears are flowing
  5. Can't wait for this today, been a long time coming I predict tears before the day is out Enjoy it everyone
  6. Buckle up bears, it's gonna be a hell of a day
  7. money sent via paypal for 3 numbers @Zetland gimme any 3 numbers that are left, let's get this over the line
  8. I'll take 24,25,26 please Cash sent via paypal Thanks for the notification @Zetland Good luck everyone
  9. FFS! There isn't a fucking sane one among them
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