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  1. Another improved performance(Goldson aside who i thought looked like he would rather have been anywhere else) 3 excellent goals Tav much more like himself,Hagi,Arfield,Kamara and Aribo all did well Special mention for Bassey,composed and positionally very good again The Gio train is gathering steam
  2. Very decent side he's choose,can't argue with any of it I would give the world for a good confident win and back on track today, if we are top of the league when Helender comes back then this league is over imo 0-2 league clean sheets come back today
  3. Really nice of Villa to pay us to upgrade our management team
  4. More in hope than expectation tonight as i think it'll take a while to sort out our problems 2-1 scrappy nervy night
  5. The Rangers captain is not at the club at the moment imho We need a ball winning centre half with captains traits
  6. What a fucking nightmare did our captain try to chest back to the keeper for their 1st? madness if so He was sleeping for the 2nd as well BIG 45 needed
  7. Thank fuck it's game day,it seems like months since we last played We need a good start and some momentum for the GVB era I hope we steamroll these cunts today 3-1 Alfie back to form Lets Gio!
  8. There are only maybe 3 that i would take bids on in Jan Goldson (for whatever we can get) Barasic and maybe Morelos if he doesn't get form by Jan I can't see Villa wanting any of these 3 Win the league then we can talk about Kent (25 Million min)
  9. Gvb for me and sell goldson barasic and morelos in jan and give him the lions share of funds to get his own players in,we need to use this as a positive, we've been playing shite for months and we all wondered what was going on now we know the management team have been phoning it in since the start of the season imho
  10. Good attacking side, this should be a formality today 4-1 or 4-0 for me
  11. Don't give 2 fucks about how we play today the 3 pts are all that matters Get it done Rangers! 0-2
  12. Awful news Walter gave me some of my best Rangers memories,you'll never be forgotten Rest easy gaffer
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