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  1. Kamara has been excellent so far Hagi has been a waste of a jersey
  2. A couple of things were really noticeable today That 1st "tackle" on Kent,i want to see our players surrounding the ref there and putting pressure on,we're too nice at times Their 2 centre halfs on yellows,i want Kent and Hagi running at them for the rest of the game,that did not happen once Add in to that the intensity dropped right off after we got the 2nd,not good enough!
  3. That's fucking disgusting These shower of cunts need booted out
  4. Helender didn't get back till Thursday Balogun will do a job,i've no problem with this Barker but......... Thought Kamara might have started after a good international showing
  5. Fishing season ends Oct 31st @julescotia so we've got another 6 weeks of this
  6. I hope we get fucked right into these scummy bastards today 2-0 Rangers and dominant performance please
  7. Even better that the bam in goals sold 3 of the goals
  8. Goldson is cruising through games just now, the thing is that's when i worry about his concentration but it doesn't seem an issue so far. Helender looks a lot more confident in himself this year Balogun, well it's early days yet but the signs are positive so far. And lets not forget George the brick shit house is a great prospect for the future
  9. I'll settle for 3 points (any way it comes) and get out of there with no injuries on that plastic shite
  10. Played well today, absolutely all over them from minute 1 and with some luck could have had 4 or 5 goals Kent,Helander,Jack and Barker the picks of the bunch That bastard Clancy tried his best again, prick! Alfredo should be gone this week All in all a decent day
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