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  1. Defoe is starting 100%. Unsure about Lafferty, find out soon!
  2. Davis has been pish in every game he’s played for me. Wouldn’t be rushing to start him but understand he needs minutes.
  3. I think we are coming to slowly realise then players and side we have are nowhere near as good as we think. Hibs twice, a trip to St Johnstone and the Tarriers at home could see this league done and dusted before the year is out. Europe was a breath of fresh air. Domestically we look the same sluggish poor side we did last year. Brutal times.
  4. Lol. Are you no the boy that thought Lafferty would be our number one striker? You’re well equipped to judge delusion in fairness
  5. Do the folk that choose their line up as 4-2-3-1 ever watch us? ?
  6. It’s also abundantly clear Morelos and Lafferty can’t be in the same team. Both posted missing today, Lafferty nowhere near the races and Morelos not far infront. Dreadful, big big changes needed away from home or this is over soon..
  7. Yes I agree and as I just said in another thread husband inclusion has to be down to something they have said. Abysmal centre half..
  8. No points papering over the crack. Another away game we haven’t taken maximum points. Another away game we have set up wrong. I love Gerrard but he isn’t immune to criticism and he has to hold his hands up today (not just for the performance). We were woeful and didnt deserve a point. Get the boy from Forrest back down there ASAP, fucking woeful.
  9. We still need and badly lack quality middle to front. In both they areas they piss all over us. That and the fact we are scared of them are the two main reasons they continue to pump us. 1-0 going on 5 today, shameful performance, spare me the “9 men in Russia” pish ??‍♂️
  10. Kit is planned to be unveiled between 2-3pm. Hopefully not the only surprise of the day ?
  11. I’m actually worried about that outcome mate, they’d then know they have to score 5 against us to finish above us. With Halliday and Martin in a back 4 that’s entirely possible ?
  12. Incredible so many throw Dorrans and or Docherty into their line ups. Both have been absolute shite. Much much better needed, even against Aberdeen.
  13. Aye, again. The quicker that Halliday, his trouble making family and that wanker of a brother in law are away from this club the less you’ll see this shit appear in the press. Sickens me these cunts trying to make themselves some sort of cult hero with no thoughts to what they do to the club.
  14. It fucking sickens me cunts can “take positives” after getting beat by them. There are no positives getting beat off them and certainly none today
  15. We are talking specifically about his position. I prefer reading to posting but when I see people saying Halliday should start I find it hard to bite my tongue. Not the boys fault he’s at us or that he gets a game sometimes but let’s be honest he is utterly chronic & should be nowhere near Ibrox
  16. Conflicting reports regarding Declan John. Hope he is available. Even if not id throw Wallace in rather than risk having Halliday on the pitch. Should be a stroll, they are very poor. 4-1 the famous
  17. Halliday ? Have you seen that imposter play? Be aswell playing with 10. And Docherty our right behind Morelos! You don’t watch much of Rangers and have never seen Halliday play I’m assuming
  18. Yes mate page one. It maybe wouldn’t be but Andy Halliday certainly isnt ????
  19. Fucking hell Halliday at centre half and Halliday being better at LB than John are both utterly laughable claims. He’s absolutely garbage boys, a total fraud, think about his footballing ability and not his staunchness before commenting in future
  20. Mad you can’t even have a read of the Rangers news on your lunch without having to read grown men argue over who’s been called what on the internet ??‍♂️
  21. Early days but seen nothing to suggest he will ever make it here. £3.5M being the quoted price is most probably nonsense but even still, expect/hope we cut our losses in January.
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