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  1. This forim is sickaning sometymes. The op is aksing a simples question about the guys that work as a footballers and there mayking a descend point fwiw imo. Just cause sum players get a good monys doesn't mine they pay alot to the taxes mam and may bee theyre should be a wages cap. I'm know a doctor fwiw but I do watch alot of Cashulty so I am kwalifeyed to comment on this.
  2. It was mate but i love a loophole Plus I was at that game in the clip above and it was sheer pornography.
  3. Within the last 20 years..... His last game was 2001 mate.
  4. The Hammer. Without a doubt the last player the taigs actually feared.
  5. From FF... Making it sound like it's the supporters fault, "a number of fans renewed by an incorrect method"
  6. The issue seems to be if you use the shopping basket when checking out. Takes your payment but then cancels. There's a thread of FF the now about it. Apparently you need to use a renewal link and not the basket option, but not everyone has been sent the renewal link in the email A guy on there has posted he got £700+ took out then got the cancellation email, its a bank holiday weekend coming up so that refund will take ages!
  7. Admin it's also my pet fish's birthday.. Andy Hallibut. Can we amend the thread title to accomodate and pin to the BD? He's staunch as fuck and would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Phone hacked by a staunch as fuck thief who goes to the effort of replying to every quote and PM received while defending the honour of the people of Cumnock.
  9. Bump. To the op... @TheWidowsSon... An apology. Just off the phone to my dad greeting as its his 80th birthday and he can't see his grandkids. He's a season ticket holder since the 70's and said "this is probably the worst ive felt in a long time, but at least we're all brothers" and it reminded me of what I said in the above post.. To be clear, I still 100% disagree with your initial post, but looking back and seeing your previous posts, I'm downright ashamed at the above post I made to an elder bear. Please accept my humble apologies, watp.
  10. Getting back on topic.... Yes I think there well be a 20/21 season
  11. If you're in America you should 100% listen to what the guy says. I'm just saying I think the UK will not go the same way as USA for several reasons. 1. NHS, folk sometimes moan but even at its underfunded worst its fucking amazing. The combination of the current strategy combined with the new funding will be a massive help. 2. Geography, we're a small island nation with no land borders, the virus will move fast here and affect the whole population quicker, we'll all get it, then deveop resistance in a much quicker timescale than the massive USA. 3. Brexit. The remoaners whipped up folk to a frenzy last year with all the doom and gloom pish to the point that supermarket's and nhs started stockpiling critical supplies, giving us a head start in a lot of areas. Listen, I am in no way saying don't take the virus seriously, it's going to get MUCH worse in the UK in a few weeks. But I don't think we'll all be in lockdown by winter.
  12. Never said he knows fuck all about all viruses.. Im objecting to people telling me he's specifically a coronavirus expert, he's not. He knows his stuff clearly but his predicions are based on how America is setup for pandemic, which is very poorly. On the podcast he's using the American model to predict how corona virus will move globally. I don't think the UK will go the same way as he's predicted. Anyway you've missed the point about my original post, it was about Joe Rogan and how the guy can tell people anything and folk take it as gospel.
  13. Ooft you've still got it mate? I'd get that framed, must be worth a few quid if in good nick.
  14. Begrudge giving this repugnant cunt any kind of exposure mate, but if he's confident enough to go public with it I was wondering if anybody had heard anything concrete.
  15. The expert you're talking about... Michael Osterholm... Knows fuck all about Coronavirus, because he is not a doctor. He is an expert on coronavirus because Joe Rogan told you he is a expert on Coronavirus. His field of expertise is how an epidemic moves and spreads and his research is based on previous outbreaks. He is not employed by the CDC or WHO and has no idea what they are doing in terms of research at the moment. He's the American equivelant of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis on This Morning. But because Joe Rogan is fairly well respected, this expert seems to be the Stephen Hawking of Coronavirus in people's eyes.
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