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  1. Poor @ScottBF2 still getting told to fuck off in the Atmosphere thread
  2. He's made a thread apologising since then mate
  3. Created the "Back Gerrard" thread. Then mixes it up with "Losers" thread, Then finishes up with "David Murray" thread
  4. That wasn't even the worst thread last night... That honour goes to @Boyd9her
  5. Some of the threads last night ffs... Cunts wanting Gerrard sacked, threads blaming David Murray for the game yesterday, talking about smashing players windows and how we're apparently a "Shitebag support"
  6. Aye let's sack Gerrard and tell Murty to get the tracksuit back on. We lost today coz their keeper had the game of his life and we gave away a stupid free kick that lead to the only shot they had on target. If that was Bain in goal it would have been 3 nill at half time. We're all hurting today but that's an absolute fuckin loonball comment.
  7. The forum has officially reached peak mong levels tonight. Jesus wept.
  8. Actual footage of Jam_piece at Kents House...
  10. Gaffer can wear whatever the fuck he likes IMO.... But I must say ... Big Dunc at Everton today is a prime example of being raised to the Rangers higher standard.
  11. He's there to tell the lawyers they are no longer required. Alfredo is the law.
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