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  1. This pish has gone far enough... I'm fuckin Sikh of this chaat. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll leave now.
  2. They need to be careful what they Singh.
  3. * Gazza's invisible flute. * A Rangers shirt exhibition sponsored by Mehmet's * the QH v FSM thread written in parchment behind glass like the American declaration of independence. *test your strength punching machine featuring Scott brown.
  4. It'll go nicely with my Scotland woman's kit.
  5. The merchandise on the club website is brilliant This is a Mens hat ...
  6. My point is what makes the op think he's a vouched member? Whos classed as non-vouched? Name names @falkirkNS
  7. What classifies you as a "vouched" member then? I'd say over 1000 likes/posts but the op seems to have neither after 6 years. Stupid thread... If you don't like a poster just hit the ignore button ffs.
  8. Union Bears being blamed for the pyro party in the stand behind the goal.
  9. Shouldve went for a typical over-the-top American name like the nfl..... "any plans this weekend?" "Aye got a ticket for Miami Thundercats v California Fire Dragons"
  10. David Beckhams new MLS team launching next year... ... Club Internacional de FĂștbol Miami. Typical Beckham.... Pretentious as fuck Apparently he's interested in signing Messi and Bale. Seems to be big expansion plans in the MLS for next year.
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