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  1. I'm genuinely heartbroken at that picture of Fernando. He's the definition of a fighter. What a strength in that man.
  2. With pending court cases and king wanting to strike a deal for shirt sales, can't see more than 2 million being made available tbh.
  3. Just an opinion of mine mate. But if last season showed us anything it's that Aberdeen are bottle merchants. If we beat them at theirs the arse will fall out that team.
  4. Ah fuck meant to say Pittodrie. it's been a long day But with regards to Dundee, with United not in the league they'll be treating that game as a derby. Between that and the Friday night kick off I can see the sheep struggling.
  5. I genuinely believe it's achievable. Sheep are 8 points clear, their next 2 games - Dundee away, then Cally Thistle at home. They teams might mean fuck all to us, but to them it's all that New Firm/highland Derby pish - Dundee in particular. Our next 2 games are Motherwell at home, Kilmarnock away. After that we play the sheep at Ibrox. Game on.
  6. Fair play that's a good shout mate, but when you look at the last few games before the hearts at the weekend - 1-0 win at home against Motherwell (92nd min winner ) 1-0 win against thistle Beaten 1-0 off Hamilton 1-0 win against Ross county 2-1 win against Kilmarnock (85th min winner) They've been scraping these games against bottom end teams and they've still got a few dodgy games before the split. Am I misguided? Possibly. Am I optimistic? Definitely!
  7. If Pedro keeps the team focussed I really think 2nd will take care of itself tbh. The sheep are pish and they'll keep dropping points. But the Cup is a must for this season - Some silverware for the shite we've put up with on and off the park, and more importantly the joy of fucking up their treble once again.
  8. Don't know what made me do it but just took a look on FF.... Just one of many similar posts
  9. Great result today but ffs it's too early for that
  10. In a nutshell: Op says JFK's bodyguard was a guy called Clint Hill. Much merryment occurs until Op gets slagged. Op changes thread title and first post. Not been seen since.
  11. Back of today's Daily Rebel "Ruthless Pedro axes goalkeeping coach"... Ffs the guy was 63 and about to retire. Fuck all Ruthless about it. Shite stirring bams.
  12. Well played lads.
  13. Fucking yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!!!!!!;;;
  14. Last roll of the dice Murty, make some changes ffs.
  15. Get Tav off now