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  1. Who the fuck would kip in that fucking doss house,would needo to wear a boiler suit
  2. Tbh it' quite comical how all the fenians thought he was going to sign for them when he left la galaxy and they were on Clyde one giving it Billy big baws,now he's being touted as our next manager
  3. He' inexperienced but think he would command respect in the dressing room and wouldine know how to improve inspire the players,must have good qualitys that way captaining Liverpool to a champions league win after being 3-0 down at half time,not sure about his lack of experience but everything else seems good captained England Liverpool had fantastic career which I know dosent count for much but he could be a gem,look at popcorn teeth went straight in at deep end after retiring
  4. A fucking shambles from start to to finish,and a fucking training session for they cunts,no heart no desire and to actually think we thought we could challenge for the title before the last of game,were a bunch of staunch gullible cuntil
  5. RIP Ray Wilkins,jut shows up u never know what' round the corner,last week there was a thread on here with talk about him becoming a coach,now he's gone rest easy butch
  6. It' also the actor who plays lenny Murdoch in river citys real name,he' a tarrier from Coatbridge
  7. What is it with there signings all having the honey badgers look?
  8. Or what about the time they done the ronny roar after beating EAST KILBRIDE 1-0 ???
  9. Brilliant 3 points tonight lads let's kick on from here
  10. Really hopemurty does us proud but he has a hard job on his hands,the board have fucked us over once again,we needed a manager with good pedigree to make sure we finished at least second,now all we can do is hope
  11. If it is true hes has better spelling than the 50 odd thousand taigs that were in the pedo dome
  12. Yeah your 100 per cent right,hopefully the new manager can come in and have word for him to cut it out wether it DM or whoever it may be,pedro never had skills to combat these situations
  13. Yip has a very short fuse,really dont think he deserved to be red carded on weds nite,think a yellow was moe than enough,anybody see match of the day there the watford stoke game? Two teams got into a rammy all pushing and shoving no one sent off
  14. I like pedro as a person his passion and sticking up for the team are good so cant fault him for that,but weve been sayin he needs to win his next few matches for ages,when we beat st johnstone i thought we had turned a corner then back to the same shite on sunday,we cnt win 3 games in a row,sumthin jst not right
  15. Aye he looks a worried man,hel know if they dnt get a result hel be at the bru the mora
  16. Correct m8 a hal decent manager could get that squad of ours winnin games in no time cos i dnt think pedro is getting the best out of them,cant put ma finger on wat it is wether its fitness or unhappyness or not a good relationship with pedro but sumthin not right
  17. Correct m8,these players might thrive under a new manager then if we start winning games and beatin the taigs why would they be unhappy? Remember under plg things were grim then walter came in and changed things for the better
  18. Maybe pedro should have jst put the heed in brown at full time and got the jail,we get rid of him for nuhn,he leaves ibrox as a hero rather than a dud and brown gets a sore face,everyones a winner
  19. I admire pedros passion for Rangers and his fight,i also agree there is team there buti also agree hes not the man to take us forward,there payin the tranny shagger 3 million year,we need a manager whose on the same level if not better han that spray tanned cunt and thats not pedro
  20. Referee and linesmen are fukn joke givin them absolutley everything
  21. Thought hes had a good overall performance,created 2 good chaces in 1st half 1 which candeais fluffed and anoher which morelos brought good save from the keeper,and took his goal well,gives pedro headache for sat,does he keep pena in the starting 11 or bring miller back in
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