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  1. MrMeeseeks

    Goldson rested ?

    Bunch of Chinese threads popped out of nowhere last night, fuck knows what was going on tbh.
  2. MrMeeseeks

    Goldson rested ?

    McAuley/Katic for Sunday then? Can't say it fills you with much confidence, think I'd rather Worrall ahead of him.
  3. MrMeeseeks

    Goldson rested ?

  4. McGregor has been by far our best player tonight and he's conceded 4 fucking goals. That's just pitiful.
  5. How Katic has managed to stay on that pitch this far is well beyond me.
  6. MrMeeseeks


    You'd think he'd learn after the third offside but nope, he's got no idea what he's doing. First thing come January should be terminating his loan, bringing in Shankland, and a right winger able to cover upfront when needed (loanee or not).
  7. MrMeeseeks


    When he went down "injured" in the first half my first thought was the cunt was faking it for a sub. Comes across as the type of guy just happy to collect a wage, the fact he can't play to fucking save himself backs that up.
  8. Tav needs dropped, and Sadiq should think about finding a new profession, it's clear football isn't for him. Absolute fucking joke.
  9. How the fuck has Sadiq lasted this long? Loan needs fucking terminated.
  10. Sadiq seems so lazy and static, especially when you compare him to what Morelos offers upfront.
  11. MrMeeseeks

    James Tavernier top-ranked defender in Europe - UEFA

    Source was the record according to the post I saw.
  12. Just spotted this over on r/rangersfc, pretty impressed by Tav so far this season. Hopefully this really drives up his price-tag when down south comes sniffing.
  13. MrMeeseeks

    Gerrard with Villarreal players at the end

    Knew I fucked that, ah well.
  14. MrMeeseeks

    Gerrard with Villarreal players at the end

    That's what I thought. Doesn't leave the pitch until everyone's had a go. That's exactly the kind of guy you want in charge. Probably Carzola. Letting him know he'll be running our midfield come next window.
  15. MrMeeseeks


    Totally agree with this. Atm he's best used when the opposition are tiring and he can hop on to rip them apart charge after charge. He's a definite game changer. Would be interested in comparing a few starts to what he's capable of doing from the bench though. Either way, I'm glad he's under contract and not Kent, definitely seems the better prospect, imo.