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  1. Caught it before they pulled it from insta, can't say I'm too much of a fan. It didn't need changing imo, it feels off. Not that it's too much of a deal though.
  2. https://imgur.com/TxpbsPP
  3. I get that but it doesn't mean they're not fake. They'll be one of many proposals drawn up by Castore, I'd expect the kits to be sorta similar.
  4. Have my doubts about that. They look too detailed not to be legit imo, I've worked on similar slides for brands before. The kits might not end up like that 100% but it definitely seems like their proposal (or one of many) they took to the club to seal a contract.
  5. So we're not scoring here, right? Won't even be surprised if County snatch a winner.
  6. I thought he needed even more time but nah, no silverware again this year. He's just not done enough to improve as a manager. We can spend all the money we have revamping the team again and again but he's unwilling to adapt his tactics to combat a different opposition. There's just no trust left that he's the man to turn things around and bring in some much needed silverware. Not that I can think of anyone else that could though at this point.
  7. I'm actually embarrassed shite like that is being televised.
  8. MrMeeseeks


    He's the reason we won that tbh, shat on the plan and got us back into it himself.
  9. Who's training these clueless bastards how to pass a ball? It's genuinely embarrassing.
  10. Couldn't give a fuck about the brand name as long as we're getting a good deal. They're bound to be getting a decent deal with Adidas and if we're not getting offered at least something similar it should be turned down, regardless of how big the brand is, imo. Would be happy to see us return to Umbro though, maybe Nike.
  11. What the fuck has happened to our ability to pass a ball? This is some schoolboy level shit. Everything's so soft and wayward, been like that for a few games now.
  12. Wait, 2nd place finish gets relegated now? Radical rule change from the SFA, I wonder how this'll switch things up going forward. Exciting stuff.
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