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  1. We don't have anyone near creative enough in midfield that's able to supply him with pass after pass. Defoe knows how to finish, he just needs to be on the end of all the work that goes into grabbing that goal. You'd think Kent would be the one for that but he comes off extremely greedy and makes far too many poor decisions, he's like Windass but actually good.
  2. Brilliant move this! We all know he's most likely off come summer but now this will merit a guaranteed large fee for him from the clubs that throw cash around like it's nothing. No brainer on his end either, being able to command a much higher wage when contract talks begin.
  3. Could've been willing to lose him for the next round, play Defoe, and then get him back for the final should we get there? (if that's how it'd work) Still think he should've been off for Lafferty though, he would've thrown himself about in the box looking to win anything without being a risky loss.
  4. You wouldn't think we signed him on a free from fucking Dundee. Easily seems to be one of the first names on the team sheet atm.
  5. From what we've seen if him so far, Kamara seems like an absolutely inspired signing.
  6. I thought this kicked off at 12:45pm? Fucking woke up to 3 missed goals.
  7. I still think his most likely destination is gonna be Bournemouth given the Defoe deal. Seeing as they're filthy rich I'd be hoping at least £15m+. That's just going by the loan deals though, Bournemouth and Southampton looking like potential suitors before getting that big money move to the top 6 in a few years time. If he reaches his potential he's a £40m+ player down there.
  8. We need a completely different system when Morelos isn't available. Tav and Candeias constantly crossing balls in without him bullying people out the way in the box is useless. It's gotta be a 442. Although I'd like to see another go at 352. Tav and Barisic/Halliday as wingbacks and Kent freeroaming behind Defoe and Lafferty upfront.
  9. The guy is fucking superb! People will realise that once he gets his move down south and can actually play his game without getting knocked around for 90 mins and feel as of he needs to get his own back constantly. They get way more protection down there, he'll rip that shit up.
  10. How the fuck is Katic not getting a start here? I wonder if we pay a full wage whenever Worrall, Defoe or Davis don't start. Either full or more of compared to the wage paid when they do start.
  11. Candeias should be head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to the first name on the team sheet, followed by Kent.
  12. Yeah, that's fair enough. Just a fair few decisions have been poor on his part, guess he's not been as ineffective as Tav though.
  13. We've been decent so far, other than Morelos and Tav being pretty poor, especially Tav. Airfield quiet as fuck too.
  14. Guy in the middle is Pena, gotta find someway to use him.
  15. I'm getting increasingly worried we could be be seeing Fredo leave this window. Defoe, his agent spouting shit and now Hardie being recalled. Hope I'm wrong but if he's for the off £10m+ or we're being robbed.
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