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  1. It's gonna feel like some fucking weight off the shoulders of Morelos should he finally get the goal he deserves tomorrow. Would have a few by now if it wasn't constantly hammered in, always in his head come derby day. As soon as he gets his first, whenever that may be, I wouldn't be surprised to see the flood gates open and for him to unleash a torrent of abuse into the back of their net.
  2. Could still go to anyone, shit is exciting!
  3. Finished up my first season last night, wasn't too bad for a first outing. Seems like the ME still needs a working but then again it's always a little easy in the beta phase. Won the league by quite a lead, managed the Betfred Cup earlier in the season but fell to them in the final of the Scottish Cup. Fucking Wolfsburg beat me in the Europa League final on penalties as well, Goldson missing the kick to keep us in it.
  4. Just wanna point out, Barišić is amazing in this. https://streamable.com/zun3a
  5. Sorry for the shit quality, saving directly from Steam.
  6. Beta is out now if anyone has pre-ordered. Let me know if there's anyone you'd like to check out while I'm messing around.
  7. Barisic on form is unbelievable. Guess we can't have both FBs at their best at the same time...
  8. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-young-boys-vs-Rangers-live-streaming
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