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  1. MrMeeseeks

    This explains things...

    Guy in the middle is Pena, gotta find someway to use him.
  2. MrMeeseeks

    Ryan Hardie recalled

    I'm getting increasingly worried we could be be seeing Fredo leave this window. Defoe, his agent spouting shit and now Hardie being recalled. Hope I'm wrong but if he's for the off £10m+ or we're being robbed.
  3. MrMeeseeks


    Possible that Bournemouth have been given first option on Morelos with this deal? Aren't they filthy rich as well? Could be even better for us.
  4. MrMeeseeks


    If it's good enough for most Italian sides to play a number of seniors as their backbone alongside future stars it should be good enough for us, right? Practically every position we have a younger player with someone to look upto and learn a lot from.
  5. MrMeeseeks

    Jermain Defoe

    I'm just thinking that players tend to drop deeper the older they get, I imagine he'd still be as deadly playing in an AM/second striker role. I've not slept since yesterday though and tend to talk out my arse with a lack of sleep, so take whatever I say with a pinch of salt I suppose.
  6. MrMeeseeks

    Jermain Defoe

    What's with all the talk about if he signs it means Morelos will be off? There's always a chance of a change of tactics or even Defoe playing in an attacking-mid role making those runs forward to complete attacking moves or having digs from outside. Having Morelos bully the defence ahead of him allowing Defoe to use his pace to shoot by them would be perfect, imo. Although I suppose if Defoe was to play AM we'd still need another striker, maybe that's where Shankland comes in. Natural goalscorer to replace Fredo, when needing a rest, backed up by a midfield packed with talent.
  7. MrMeeseeks

    Ross McCrorie

    I feel bad for McCrorie 'cause when we sign that crucial creative midfielder (here's fucking hoping!) he'll be the one to be pushed out. Jack, Arfield and him as the middle three were phenomenal today though. He offers way more than Coulibaly could, by miles.
  8. MrMeeseeks

    "Someone to put Scott Brown in his place"

    Every player was tbh, they all looked hungry as fuck. Probably the best tackling I've seen from them all season too, hardly put in a wrong foot.
  9. MrMeeseeks

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Advantage us then.
  10. MrMeeseeks

    Niko Katic Homesickness

    When I moved to Sweden I was ridiculously homesick, didn't think it'd happen but yeah, that shit can hit you hard. Could definitely see it being a major setback when it comes playing at your best. Should've been offered a leave of absence. He's one for the future, hoping we don't get rid.
  11. MrMeeseeks


    They were nowhere near as poor as him but Jack and Halliday are completely different players under current management, and someone as useless as Sadiq was even given a couple of games to try and impress. Seems only fair to give him a chance at least. Personally think we won't see any sort of change though but a few matches wouldn't hurt when trying to shop him out.
  12. MrMeeseeks

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Looking forward to this. It's pretty clear being in Europe is taking its toll on the push for the league but realistically we've got one round left and still half a season to go, the money and extra exposure is definitely worth a few more tired legs. Morelos hattrick and Goldson bicycle kick and I'll be happy.
  13. MrMeeseeks


    Thought he was a little selfish at times but that's obviously just down to him desperate to impress. As soon as he's more fluid with his attacking partners he'll be flying. He'll be a great successor for Candieas.
  14. Had to be a red for me, it was a very poor decision on Arfields part. I can see how he may have been excited with it looking like the keeper was getting away from it but it wasn't a worth risk taking, definitely not at that force. Fair play to the ref for shielding him afterwards though, shut any escalation right the fuck down. Although they should've been down to 10 at one point, too. Can't remember who it was, or on who, but someone had studs dragged down there thigh. He got the ball but there was clearly intent with the follow through. Fuck knows how Coulibaly got carded for that "high boot" as well, hardly lifted his leg.
  15. MrMeeseeks

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Grezda and Tav have been deadly as fuck! You can see Grezda gaining more confidence as he goes, definitely getting a goal today. Hoping Coulibaly gets pulled soon though, him and Ejaria are pretty dead in the middle.