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  1. MrMeeseeks

    Welcome Goldson

    Really looking forward to starting a new save in the next FM at this rate!
  2. MrMeeseeks

    Possible leak kit???

    I'm not saying this is good or anything (probably a bit rushed tbf), so feel free to shit on it all you like. But yeah, I think something akin to this implemented on the back of the neck would be pretty fitting. I can take or leave the stars tbh, big fan of a larger badge though. Larger badge and the stars on the inside of the neck/collar, or inside the sleeve cuff, or bottom of the back, and I'd be good.
  3. MrMeeseeks

    Possible leak kit???

    They should've shown you this one instead. It's got the correct flag and everything!
  4. MrMeeseeks

    Possible leak kit???

    Yeah, definitely real.
  5. MrMeeseeks

    2018/19 Football Shirts

    That's exactly what I was wondering. I'm curious to know if this is their tactic to somehow counteract the potential of an orange kit.
  6. MrMeeseeks

    2018/19 Football Shirts

    What a horrid fucking kit ahahahaha The sooner we announce our kits (fingers crossed orange or purple) the better! Can't wait to see what Hummel has in store for us, hopefully it's up to par with the kits Umbro have been putting out this season so far.
  7. MrMeeseeks

    Orange Top Hint

    They're cheap knock offs made by some Turk using some mockups he found online, nothing real about 'em.
  8. MrMeeseeks

    Orange top next season

    He's profiting on the Rangers image. To me I consider that stealing from the club. When you have no right to use their image and your making money off it, that's stealing.
  9. MrMeeseeks

    Orange top next season

    It's mainly down to only having the one mockup to go off of, I imagine. Although they're both pretty poorly made, imo. The stitching and badge in particular look pretty bad. Surprised folk are so easily eating this up when some Turkish guy is sitting back and basically stealing money from Rangers by illegally selling kits originally created by fans.
  10. MrMeeseeks

    New kit delay ?

    And your preferred one isn't? Aha Tbf it could help out the players if they had a massive red square to aim for when passing...
  11. MrMeeseeks

    New kit delay ?

    You genuinely think that looks better than the current shirt logo? It looks terrible, imo. The current one isn't so much in your face, it doesn't take away from the overall look of the kit. That shit above is just an eyesore, horrible logo.
  12. MrMeeseeks

    Mock up strip looks good though

    What a horrible looking fake, heh. It'd actually be pretty decent had they not fucked the badge and collar. What's the source on this? The penalty for this kind of thing should be fairly high, right? Could make a few of my own otherwise.
  13. MrMeeseeks

    Mock up strip looks good though

    Post a mockup on here and some folk act as if you've just shat down their throat, which is ironic given how much shit they spew on a regular basis, heh.
  14. MrMeeseeks

    Andy Devlin - Signing Targets

    They paid £6M for him. Given that was 2 years ago now, he's got 12 months left of his contract AND he'll be 34 this year, he's worth about half that, on a good day. IF we do end up signing him it'll be nothing more than £2M. Although if I'm wrong someone needs to inform SG/MA that we're fucking broke and signing players we can't make a profit from is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. MrMeeseeks

    New kit delay ?

    Got rid of the saltire and whacked a Union Flag on there. Gogzy is lovin' it!