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  1. MrMeeseeks

    Left back

    Didn't think I'd have to point out the sarcasm of that post....
  2. MrMeeseeks

    Left back

    Aye but he blessed himself so I'm fucking seething! Can't believe this is happening at my Rangers, absolutely disgusting scenes.
  3. https://www.vipleague.lc/2-Rangers-vs-midtjylland-live-streaming
  4. Jones has me feeling good about possibly not getting Kent back in, definitely looks the part.
  5. The possibility of having Ojo and Kent running a riot on our wings this season makes my mouth water.
  6. Most likely this. I'm assuming we'd have been paying more of his wages should he have been on the bench, it's an assurance that teams will use the players being loaned out.
  7. Katic looks massive compared to last season, aged about 10 years over the break.
  8. I actually like the guy but Barisic will have better looking stats because he's played far less, right? I may be wrong on that one though, not sure. I feel as if he'd look a lot better if he had a partner on the left that covered him when he roams forward the way Candeias does with Tav. He needs more time to show whether he's good enough or not, I'd give him until January to prove it.
  9. Yup, that's a definite red card. What a fucking idiot! So that's Fod in goals next week then, ah well.
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