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  1. It's about fucking time too! I'm sick of selling our players at "realistic" prices for a quick cash grab when it's the norm to overprice every bloody player these days. Alan Hutton would have been at least a £16m sale in todays market.
  2. I wonder if that's what Allen is hoping for. With all these top players coming into good form it might get some clubs sniffing come summer, recently signed contracts would command a higher asking price.
  3. Potential New Top

    Nailed it, puts anything I've done to shame.
  4. Retail Deal

    Tch, of course not! Haven't been outside in years. Closest I get is licking my hand afterwards. ??
  5. Retail Deal

    Alright alright, last one. Figured this template would look pretty smart with these colours as well. HQ
  6. Retail Deal

    Figured I'd have a little crack at an away/3rd kit with this, it's probably shit due to being tired and bored though. So yeah... HQ
  7. Retail Deal

    I know how much some of you hate when these pop up so here you go! Specially made just for you. HQ
  8. Retail Deal

    Yeah, that's a very good point. Name goes a long way when selling kits, just can't see it being either Nike or Adidas, unfortunately. Could always be wrong though, of course. Umbro, New Balance or Under Armour and I'd be happy.
  9. Retail Deal

    I was thinking maybe actual thought put into a kit rather than just another generic template but looking at their recent designs I wouldn't get my hopes up. Seems they're nowhere near modern sportswear but fuck it, I'm happy as long as we've got money coming in. Still keeping my fingers crossed for a deal with Under Armour though.
  10. Retail Deal

    Admiral kits back in the day were gorgeous, especially our few. I'd be happy if this were true, we'd get special treatment seeing as we'd be the biggest club on their books. Pretty good deal imo.
  11. Potential New Top

    The Puma deal ends this summer, we'll no longer be allowed to use Puma branded kits/training wear. Of course there's gonna be a new strip, don't really understand how folk can't figure that out. We could always do what Roma did and produce our own, non-branded, kits. If you're/they're talking about actually seeing a design soon-ish then use your head, it's bloody February. No kits are ever unveiled this early unless they're for the national teams, and those templates are rarely used for club teams (I think).
  12. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    I honestly don't understand what most on here see in Murphy, he seems absolute balls. He either can get by his man or when he does, can't cross for shit.
  13. Transfer section closed

    Think he's a bit out of my league tbh.
  14. Transfer section closed

    Might as well throw in Samir Nasri and Bacary Sagna as backups, if that's the case...
  15. Potential New Top

    This is exactly why I'd want us to aim for a manufacturer like Under Armour. Not a lot of teams on their books but still big/rich enough to offer good money, plus as far as I know they only kit out QP in Scotland.