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  1. Depending on his development Hauge is gonna turn out an absolute talent. It'd be a pretty smart piece of business, especially with Norway looking to be coming into another golden generation of players. Definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Norway go the way of Belgium in a few years time.
  2. Yeah, best time to go for them before someone buys the club too. Jamal Lowe, Antonee Robinson and Nathan Byrne , even Cedric Kipre - all would be worth going for. You'd think the pull of European football, Gerrard and a former teammate in Balogun would go in our favour, possibly.
  3. That's Jamal Lewis. Jamal Lowe is a right winger.
  4. Not so sure about that one, with Wigan being in admin and the new wage caps, I'd predict them to go down the route of selling several players at cut prices rather than a hold out for a big pay on a couple big stars. Millwall, Cardiff and celtic are all linked with him. Can't see any paying close to £10m.
  5. Jamal Lowe is someone we should really be going after right now, especially given he can be brought in for way lower than what he'd typically go for. Even just to sell him on for profit in a year or two.
  6. *EDIT: wrong thread - my bad*
  7. We need another Croat, we've been lucky with 'em so far. Mirko Maric would be a fantastic replacement/backup for Morelos. Dario Vizinger in particular though looks to be well worth an investment. Way more costly but Nsame has been banging them in all season as well.
  8. Caught it before they pulled it from insta, can't say I'm too much of a fan. It didn't need changing imo, it feels off. Not that it's too much of a deal though.
  9. So we're not scoring here, right? Won't even be surprised if County snatch a winner.
  10. I thought he needed even more time but nah, no silverware again this year. He's just not done enough to improve as a manager. We can spend all the money we have revamping the team again and again but he's unwilling to adapt his tactics to combat a different opposition. There's just no trust left that he's the man to turn things around and bring in some much needed silverware. Not that I can think of anyone else that could though at this point.
  11. I'm actually embarrassed shite like that is being televised.
  12. MrMeeseeks


    He's the reason we won that tbh, shat on the plan and got us back into it himself.
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