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  1. Oh it's a fact. So spare me your fake morals. He freely posted it on the net. "No need for that". But you'll attempt to rip me? You sad maggot.
  2. Funny and psychotic? I'd rather be either than a right boring sort which is what you're becoming. Call out "The Dude" all you wish like he's some sort of Gers Genie. He won't appear when I'm around.
  3. My pic got taken from this site and put on fake online dating profiles for all to laugh at so spare me your sympathy for a person who willingly posts their pic.
  4. I don't claim to be Ms Sane. And I know total bores like that guy with the Fight Club avatar on here hate me...I can't recall his name he's so boring but... I'm nothing like that total charlatan..."The Dude". I never set up an Old Firm Podcast for a start (him and a celtic friend to be exact) and charged fans money whilst advertising it 24/7 on Rangers Forums. Total fraud of an individual.
  5. Our current problems are quite simple to diagnose... 1. A significant number of our squad lacks confidence. 2. A significant number of our squad would rather be somewhere else. That's it...simples..no need for Columbo over it. How do you fix it? Over to Gerrard, the team and yourselves lol but all our current issues are due to pure football psychology.
  6. I'll look the bad peep soon. Game over.
  7. My point was: He was 12th or whatever. You're lauding that...I'm saying it was crap. I'm then saying who beat him? Answer: No-one you've ever hear of...lol Fame in football tends to follow performances but not for you.
  8. He was the less lucky one the Likely Lads and its sequel if you didn't know. I've just watched them all. The sequel had a great theme tune. But yes, James Bollam is more famous that anyone who outscored Fashion in the Belgian league last season. Tis a fact. And he's not that famous. Should have said Rodney Bewes.
  9. In the Belgian league? Ok. His earlier seasons? Look at the likes who out-scored him...hear any of them? Any stars at all? James Bollam is more famous than anyone who outscored him last season.
  10. Maybe they will. They read this. He was GB TV but left.
  11. Correct. It's pretty bloody poor when you look at it from any angle.
  12. 'Cause you're a donut and you might convince others of your ideas if you post a lot.
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