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  1. One week from now I will have a full rm deck...you in it.
  2. I've not spoken to you enough to be fair. It's just my own strange rm top trumps. Give me a week.
  3. Govan East Corner Good guy rating 9 Asshole attributes 1 Sheep follower 3 Fun factor 8 Interest ability 9 Good guy. He rocks.
  4. Tell Sting I said "hi". Go hibernate some longer lol.
  5. And you became a crap cartoon on a football website? Forgive me if I consider you somewhat less than Max Clifford. Fuck off.
  6. Lady Gaga rocks. So what? Does that undermine what I've said before? Keep trying to ridicule me...it's working.
  7. Thanx I've never drunk brandy in my life. But think of me drunk if it makes you understand me more. Be well
  8. Critisism is mainly a learning process. From you know....tis a setback. Creepiness is intagible but you define it.
  9. It's easy to put mr down...and you have...time and time again. I merely offered your fervent opinion vs mine is a knowledge game...and still do. Some have seen and read this and know the truth. You cowardly fucker... Nuff said.
  10. Cause I'm a woman and you mock me. He was the worst. And I justr thought it interesting who knew the most about our club. Why is that so strange or hard to do? It's easy.
  11. I'm thinking...and kinda hoping a bit I concede...that most reading this thread will see you as the bullshitter you are. I'm many things...but I know my team and support them...they are the Rangers. And I know and can prove I know, more about them that you ever can. And I offered to prove it. I still will. No excuses.
  12. Easy to be a flacid dick. Harder to be a man. You were limp when challenged. Nuff said.
  13. Funny eh? I'll do it. Rather than be a blowhard. Why would someone refuse to take me on? It must be noted...I never challenged you...just your erstgo wingman...who's using every excuse under the sun now to avoid it. I know nothing? Then take me on....fair offer.
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