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  1. It's at the stage where I'm more concerned about being injury free than anything else. If we're gonna take Slavia we need as close to our first 11 as possible.
  2. I really couldn't give a Monkeys about the Cups. It feels right St Johnstone won that the other night. What do they really mean? Sod all. Let a team win it that it means something to. I'd play the reserves in any cup competition.
  3. I've always thought Hagi a true gem. He always looks to do something different rather than the safe pass and half of the time it looks like he's merely lost the ball to those that can't see what he was attempting. But...as seen in the 3rd goal vs Antwerp...when it comes off it's totally game changing. We've so many exciting players right now it's bloody fantastic but I reckon Hagi will go all the way. Lack of pace? Plenty of top class midfielders have lacked that but had what he has...vison. He ended up with a move to Italy far too early in his career and expectations have alway
  4. Anything else to say? Fantastic Gers performance....clear MOM from Alfie. You acting the bigman. You got nothing?
  5. Why? About celebrating Alfie when some of you were tearing him to bits? I wasn't wrong, you were. Mon Alfie.
  6. Don't patronize me wee sacks. The facts were some were moaning about Alfie and should pipe down now as he's delivered time and time again.
  7. Potential to be a great footballer in every way Hastie has not. More dedicated, more talented, more disciplined, faster and fitter.
  8. Fantastic performance...for the umpteenth time. He is our best player without a doubt. Two fingers to all those cowards who said to sell him. There was plenty of you as well...cowards.
  9. LucyBlue

    Ryan Kent

    The Antwerp fans were terrified of him after the first game. The Antwerp players were terrified of him after the second game. That sums it up to me.
  10. What a team we have. Seriously...we'll give any of them a game.
  11. Some Rangers fans can't fathom us not winning every game now. Exactly the same as most celtic fans expected 10 in a row. It called being "entitled" and it makes you look an arse. Learn from them and enjoy the results from our team but don't expect them.
  12. Exactly. No Mugs. Tell that to Tottenham. A win here is a great result.
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