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  1. Hope this is a turning point today by instilling confidence and fight into the team. Have to admit that Lundstram no longer looks like the disaster I thought he was, Bacuna again showed some nice touches.
  2. Agree totally, Arfield linked the midfield and attack, made runs into the box and could score vital goals. We're missing him or someone like him massively.
  3. Had a look at Devine's Wiki page, never seen someone with so many honours, plaudits, awards, etc. Nevertheless he is incapable of hiding his bigotry and selective blindness. A nasty old bigot and I would love to see him taken to task for his comments.
  4. Think Boydie has probably got it right and Borna is off. That might explain why he wasn't involved recently as well. He was trying to gee up the fans several times, he knew how important a result would be toady.
  5. That was a rotten performance, no fight, no leadership, very few got pass marks. Very worried about Sunday, management need to find a way to motivate the squad as something is obviously wrong.
  6. What these guys did was " racist " obviously, don't think many would disagree. I,m in my late sixties and I've done and said things in the past that I'm not proud of. However the thought of any of these guys losing their job and all that this would mean doesn't sit easy with me. I know people should take responsibility for their actions but this would seem to me to be an excessive punishment.
  7. I said after the Dunfermline game I was disappointed with him, but still inwardly hoped he'd prove me wrong. However he's quickly approaching the point of no return I reckon and it would be bad for the club if he turns into a disastrous signing.,
  8. Thank you gents, knew someone would know
  9. Having scored that good goal early on I thought he would go on to impose himself on the game but he didn't. He did try another couple of shots but I don't remember him doing anything of note, disappointing really.
  10. That may be true, but Rangers have seen it as a conflict and brought it up in June.
  11. Do Parks supply company cars for players and staff ?
  12. Malmo may not be a great team but they play to their strengths and are well organised. They also fight like hell for each other. I believe we can beat them next week but we will have to play an awful lot better than we did tonight. Our defence has to be better and we need someone to bring a bit more to the midfield, probably Hagi instead of Arfield. Itten looked up for it in the first half but if Alfie is anywhere near fit he has to play. Really disappointed with Borna, hardly ever uses his right foot and he has used it it in the past, if rarely. Lundstram was slightly disappointing but that could be said about most of our players. Helander proved he is no where like as slow as some have said.
  13. Yes, that rumour about wages being held back to pay debts was well known, which begs the question - why didn't they get rid of him when his contract was up ? Are they so desperate to fill a jersey they'll keep an embarrasment like him at their already stinking club ?
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