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  1. Had the same thought myself, they'd do anything to make us look the bad guys.
  2. Good, hope they're hurting very badly.
  3. Only just read this thread today and it is very emotional, never thought I'd see Dave King choking up like that. Also Ally McCoist's words about folk having a kick at us better enjoy it at the time because we wouldn't always be down there, we would rise to the top. I hope King gets the recognition he deserves for puttting together a board and having the guts to appoint Gerrard and giving him the required time to build a team.
  4. That's because it's always someone else's fault. Isn't it ??
  5. Lennon said there are reasons for their shit form but he's not going to say what they are...it's a secret.
  6. I reckon most journalists up here (and their editors) don't have the balls to to write about it. Too scared to be seen as the bogey man.
  7. Hope you're correct, but Killie always seem to try that bit harder against us.
  8. I really don't think there's anyone on here who doesn't want the club to do the right thing for any victims of abuse. What is driving this argument is the fear that we will be looked on the same as that other lot who have a long history of abuse. Yes, we have a responsibility because we employed a paedo but we weren't aware of this at the time, and when we became aware he was sacked. I think it is important that this is recognised and is not compared to what occurred elsewhere.
  9. The club said the police were notified and also the kid's father was a serving police officer who was also made aware. I can't see why there is a good reason to disbelieve this.
  10. Just posted on the other thread, thinks it's now a certainty that Roofe will get a ban.
  11. Have to admit that when Zungu made his debut I was impressed, especially when when he pinged a lovely ball over the top. However he's not fulfilled that promise and I'm sure he'll be sent back at the end of the season.
  12. SG being his usual professional self, speaking very well and down to earth. Not saying anything that could get him into bother. What I've noticed is he seems to have developed a decent relationship with the journos, maybe an indication that the sands are shifting in that context.
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