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  1. If we go 9 points clear next week then that is a big hit psychologically.
  2. Looking at the comments online, 75% of them want lennon gone. You can also sense the panic. It's hopefully just the beginning.
  3. You're bang on JS. We have been here before. They are very capable of getting their shit together and winning 9 or 10 games on the bounce. We will lose at some point and the gap is only 3 points providing they win their game in hand. Let's just focus on beating killie in the league. It's a ground that gives me the fear when it shouldn't really.
  4. I count 21 games since returning. This includes friendlies in France and at home, plus the Europa game v Leverkusen. 17 clean sheets from 21 games is absolutely incredible. I don't think we have seen such a solid defence in the opening period. Take out late consolations from Motherwell and Galatasary, then it's only Hibs who have got close to beating us and creating a number of chances. The team are being coached to a very high standard. I'm really proud of the players gaining those stats. Well done to everyone so far. Let's keep it going 👍
  5. Not sure why you watch them. They always get lucky.
  6. Any videos of our bench reacting to it?
  7. I'm late to the table but did we get footage of the bench reaction when this went in?
  8. One of the best goals we've scored in Europe.
  9. This team are a point off top and not lost at home in Europe for 7 years. I'm confident we will do well but please dont have a RM meltdown if we draw or lose 😄 Im saying a 1-1 draw then a 2-0 win on Sunday.
  10. Wish we had more of these out our way.
  11. I've just seen the cringiest video from their fans on twitter. It's fucking embarrassing even most of their fans would agree. Some rod tune about holding on. It was made following Saturdays game. They are mutant bastards.
  12. Davie who cleaned the Tim Irvine club up?
  13. Exactly. Look what happened to us last time we beat them. It's one win at a time.
  14. Exactly mate. My post above. We lost to Hamilton at home last season. Let's just go 1 game at a time. Gerrards reaction yesterday and post match v last time was night and day. He knows the script. Quiet but confident. And thats how we played.
  15. It's been a fabulous weekend. It gives you such a range of emotions. Nothing quite like it! But let's not get carried away. They cunts win every game they play outwith us. We need to do the same. No dropping points to the other clubs in our league. We can say they are shite and are struggling but they were top before yesterday. They will not drop many points outwith us. We're realistically 1 point clear with better GD. They can win 8 or 9 games in a row. We always seem to draw 1 in every 5 or 6. Let's keep winning and see what happens. I just remember how i felt last year b
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