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  1. We are going to drop more points sadly. We have been missing all season.
  2. Scored and celebrated a goal v Bayern despite being 3 down but.
  3. We'll be lucky to get 12m for him now.
  4. Embarrassing from Castore and the club. The new range is more shite.
  5. How amateur are Castore. They are lucky bastards having our fan base and now Newcastle. They better brighten up their ideas.
  6. Any chance we can change the music around pre match. It's the same set each time.
  7. I really can't predict this game. Oh go on then 2-1 Rangers.
  8. This is going to be a grind of a season. We haven't played well consistently since prior to last Christmas. The 2nd Jan game we got lucky with 0 shots on target. We won a few games but not in much style. It's went on for too long.
  9. We need to have plans in place to replace Davis Goldson and Kamara. I cant see Kamara staying with us beyond 2023. If we win the league then he'll play in the CL
  10. No Rangers fan should vote SNP. End of any debate.
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