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  1. Clickbait shite. The newspaper is just making up stories on the back of today's announcement.
  2. I'm listening to the Advocaat years on Heart and Hand. Check out the signings we made and quality in our team....then check the results up to December. Because margins are so tight now, fans expect us to win every game and play amazing.
  3. Not much change but it looks different....in a weird way. Not a fan so far.
  4. No need for the stuff down the sides. Keep it simple.
  5. She did RTV interviews and stuff.
  6. Honestly never heard of him. Is he still around these days?
  7. Score 2 goals then play out the game. Save the energy for Sunday 12pm
  8. I remember the last time we went to Hibs away and they were playing well. It was just after Christmas and Yogi was in charge of the spoonburners. Hibs had been flying and were winning alot of games. Maybe it was 2011. However we went out focused and beat them easily. The same will need to happen next Sunday.
  9. We've now shown we can beat teams whether they park the bus or not. Hibs next week should suit us.
  10. For those who were around when he played, drop us some info and stories.
  11. You judged me before my first traning session. Now ill get a testimonial.
  12. It looks good. Cunts slating it when it wasn't even half completed typical fan behaviour these days. The ones that slate a new signing before he has his first training session.
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