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  1. That one and the other in the Main Stand - fucking baltic is what I remember 😄
  2. If we had went 14 points clear (game in hand assumption) then that would have finished it. 12 points with 2 scum games and other tough fixtures.... we ain't near the line yet.
  3. This is why we can't go celebrating the league just yet. We have alot of tough games coming up where points will likely be lost.
  4. SG and the management team will be remembered forever. Without looking ahead too much, I think he will be here for 2 more seasons. The reason for that is CL experience. Whoever wins the league in 21/22 will go in automatically. He will want a couple of cracks at it.
  5. A sad but good thread to read. We will all raise a glass to absent Bears when we lift 55. Never forgotten, and always watching Ibrox from above.
  6. I'm not comparing any situation mate. Just merely stating that it should be a very enjoyable occasion. We just dont need any idiots doing something to affect the celebration.
  7. Even for midweek, there will be a lack of match practice.
  8. I want to celebrate as much as any Bear and get it right up those dirty scum bastards. My fear is if eg 100,000 bears enter Glasgow that there will be trouble from a small number. Whether that be tearing up irish pubs etc. Not that I would mind. I dont want the occasional overshadowed by a few idiots.
  9. Very. Although we are in a very good position, we have many games to go. In my mind it is 12 points....but what if we draw or lose on Sunday? It's got to happen eventually. Then we have Hibs away soon. We have many tough games. Last Jan/Feb we lost around 12 points when we had been celebrating a OF win prior to the Winter break. I hope Livi take points off them but it's not as if we have 6 games left and it's a stroll. Watch people lose their shit if we drop 3 or 4 points in the coming weeks.
  10. Yep - close the thread as alot of bears will reply not reading the article
  11. It's click bait. Doncaster covers all points but is confident the season can be finished.
  12. It's been a great couple of weeks but we aren't there yet. Imagine we drop points this weekend....it could go to 10 or 9 clear again (assuming they win GIH) We then have Hibs away before Feb. We need to keep winning and shut off any final momentum from the scum.
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