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  1. Our fans must be the richest in the world for shelling out on shite like this 😄
  2. He has lots of potential but has played about 10 games for us. One step at a time. Gerrard wants to bulk him up over the Summer.
  3. Fifa and UEFA say that all players involved in the SL wont be allowed to play for their national team.
  4. Would take him for RTV when Rae is on holiday.
  5. We won't press them. We enjoy the counter attack and being compact. If we open up and press then the midfield will dominate us.
  6. I think clubs will bid for Helander. He's being linked already and will start in most of Swedens matches. If we can keep Goldson and bring in a replacement. Katic will return and we'll have Simpson too.
  7. We are very lucky to have JB leading us just now. He is on a different level to anything we've had before. Considering he's been in the job for 2 years then it's remarkable the work and planning that has been completed.
  8. Those suggesting Zungu to start have been on the 55 printed label Mad Dog early. He was shite v Hamilton.
  9. This is the stuff they need to get better at.
  10. My Gers members to get first dibs on tickets for this. We've paid our renewal already ahead of ST holders.
  11. I think he'll still go to them. I cant see them announcing anything until after Sunday. The new chief exec starts Monday.
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