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  1. Didn’t take long. Alfredo must be dying to get out of this corrupt league. Wouldn’t blame him at all especially after all the media attacks against him and his family.
  2. Too many Rangers fans calling up and not enough tears from them
  3. Still can’t believe he has left at the first sign of trouble.
  4. Agreed, are they definitely coming? Haven’t heard anything in a while
  5. Lawell 2.0 No different to him and will continue to run the country.
  6. Peter couldn’t handle the pressure and the shame of us stopping the 10 so he’s ran away
  7. Hmmm hard one I probably wouldn’t applaud them as its Gerrard’s team and his management that got us here but I would never stop them from attending if they wanted to
  8. Not played that many games despite his age but hopefully he will be a good addition. Easy on the eye too so that helps!
  9. Agree we should hold out for every penny we can!
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