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  1. Hopefully this means Glen is signing a new contract.
  2. Looks great! Will bring in a tonne of money to the club.
  3. Will get nothing from that fool. Can’t believe he is actually in a cabinet position.
  4. Poor Scottish squad, will not bother watching any games
  5. Cannot believe Mark is still doing the rounds
  6. This should be broadcasted on every television, radio network and print newspaper in the country. Call UEFA AND FIFA and ask for condemnation from the scottish government
  7. Good wooden panelling and nice decor. Hopefully the drinks are good too
  8. They give a bad name to the decent law abiding of us that just want to celebrate.
  9. How can a Saturday night in a city centre compare to mass genocide? Too many drunken idiots as fans that only care about getting drunk and fighting.
  10. Never heard of them, probably just as well.
  11. Very good goalkeeper he keeps everything oug of that net
  12. Still wondering why you got so upset over a post I made regarding The Dude, his employment, what I think of him and what I believe his mentality is? The mind well and truly boggles.
  13. I’d take a look in the mirror before you assume that. Hit a nerve with you has it? You probably do the same as The Dude and you’re upset.
  14. That’s a nice intelligent response. Well done. Assume you watch ‘The Bhoys’ podcast too?
  15. You know you have got to be the most condescending person on here. Granted I don’t have a high post count or don’t post on here as regularly as others but I’ve seen countless topics where you consistently belittle other posters and act like a know it all. In fact you are like Laurie on superscoreboard, a know it all. I’m not sure if you have some sort of superiority complex or one of those journalists that think you are right and you know best because you write articles for a living or went to University. They’re are people like you in every office complex in the country. Seen on here that you wrote for the record so you shouldn’t be allowed an opinion when you are just a stooge for that anti-Rangers rag. Can just imagine you with your colleagues, they’re sitting around ripping into Rangers and you probably just sit there and laugh and think its a big joke while they call you ‘Zombie’, ‘H**’ etc. If you claim to be a journalist then have some journalistic integrity and write the truth. Then moving onto your podcast with the dregs from the Eastend. Laughable, completely laughable. Again another example of your mindset. You are an apologist that gets a bit of satisfaction when they are arguing with Bears that probably know triple what you do and have this arrogance that is abnormal. Without a shadow of a doubt you vote SNP. You probably go out for pints with your celtic friends and take these so called ‘selfies’ while they mock Rangers and you think its all good fun. You’re too busy writing columns about Goodwin or as you call him ‘Jim’. No doubt you call Lennon and Brown ‘Lenny’ or ‘Broony’ too.
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