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  1. What a hard day and tomorrow night is gonna be really emotional. Rest in peace Walter Smith, Rangers legend.
  2. He is, it's ripping right out him, the ginger bastard.
  3. Did any of these 'journalists' mention the blatant time wasting by these salt n sauce bastards, it was fucking ridiculous.
  4. British servicemen everywhere, fucking excellent
  5. Love his attitude, I think if he stays a long time he can turn into a legend here.
  6. For all you lurkers.......😅🤣
  7. Honestly between him and the other cunt commentating I've never heard as much pish.
  8. Nowhere near what was reported, anyone who says any different is a Michael, guaranteed.
  9. Yup mate, nobody likes a grass,and I'll bet his mates in the media are raging.
  10. They swaggered about for years with no competition then as soon as we got our act together they couldn't wait to fuck off elsewhere, not just shite footballers but cowards too.
  11. @Zetland You're a legend, much appreciated
  12. I had a look earlier and their were far more 'guests' than members on here. I'd say there are lots of filth supporters looking in.
  13. Fuck her and fuck her job, it doesn't matter what she tries to come out with now, it just shows her mindset. These cunts worm their way into every nook and cranny then infest the place with their own, just look at the support in the mainstream media for a club that has covered up child abuse, flies a foreign flag, supports terrorism (openly) has constantly had penalties placed upon them by uefa and tell me who's in the wrong here. Fuck her and every single one of them like her, utter utter horrible bigoted bastards.
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