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  1. There's a second ballot coming with a 10am deadline on Friday, I would imagine emails will be sent out on Thurs after the first ballot has closed.
  2. I logged in via the email link but nothing in the basket, how do you get access to the seat? I been bounced back out to the queue again.
  3. Did he say that? That's some way for an ex captain to conduct himself.
  4. Cheers mate, brilliant. Buzzing for the season to get started now
  5. Sounds as if it was a fantastic performance but missed it as I was working today, are there highlights anywhere?
  6. Was one of the words 'Harbouring?'
  7. Not a fucking chance they accepted £13.5M for him , AC Milan were offering £50M were they not?
  8. " dirty fucking Zionist bastard" "cost us the huns game too" 🤣🤣 There's 2 for humza and dornan to condemn right there but I won't hold my breath. I bet these cunts couldn't point to Israel on a map. They're hurting big time and it's glorious.
  9. Is it that wee cunt that squeals like a lassie?
  10. No, c*ltic still can't score any 👍
  11. The fuckers aint through yet, still a long way to go,they have a history of fucking it up in Europe
  12. Were you successfull in the ballot mate? @RFC55
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