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  1. You know you've riled me up with that. Time to get socks on (floor is REALLY cold in bathroom).
  2. I need to brush my teeth and have a drink but if I go to the toilet I'll wake my flat mates up and they'll be angry with me in the morning and I dont want them to be because I quite like them.
  3. Look more like an ant with 2 of its legs chopped off.
  4. Page 1337. Otherwise know as leet. Aka elite. One page only folks, make the most of it whilst you can.
  5. Only 100 quid, better sound than speakers at tripple the price.
  6. Togs and Bluedaughter have as many posts on this thread between them as I do the whole of RM, and both are much newer members than me Must be a helluva thread Everytime someone quotes the lyrics of Oasis, a puppy, an angel, and a small african child dies.
  7. Did you just make that up? When was the last time I posted in it?
  8. Posting for my first time in this thread I think. It's a bit intimidating.
  9. Naw it wisnea ya baw

  10. Lol. Brilliant comment ScottBogle.

  11. It's the ones that dont have fag burns and chewing gum on them.
  12. It's fine them writing a letter in regards to falling standards of refs in the game, I'd agree with them, but to single out only the decisions that didnt go their way is doing nothing but encouraging their spastic fans to get up to what they've been getting up to.
  13. I wonder if they included in their letter the desicions the ref got wrong in regards to tackles on Naismith Papac and Shagger? I mean they wouldn't want to sound bias in an official letter would they?
  14. You realise he's not saying implying that we will ever get the chance at hosting a major tournament, but that he'd like to see our fans at one? I'm not too sure what exactly backfiring had got to do with anything...
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