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  1. Strangest bump in history of human species.
  2. I wonder how many people who believe in this stuff, are also athiests
  3. Not sure if you noticed whilst typing that, bit that's a bit gay. Are you gay? I think you could be.
  4. You werent there, you dont know what it was like.
  5. If 20 people told you shit tastes good would you go order some up?
  6. Juno told you to get a Yamaha guitar and you got one? :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: :anguish: They are probably the worst big name guitar makers out there.
  8. There's being proud and there's being overly touchy. I posted that like, 3 days ago? Well off the first page, he's oviously been mulling it over
  9. :lol: :lol: You're either a moron or very funny
  10. Best motivation is think of all the babes you will get when you're 20 stone of pure muscle... GRRRRRR!!
  11. And if it's so good for you, why does your body piss it out?
  12. Tell me about it Funny thing is, it tastes exactly how id have expected it to taste.
  13. Oh, I didnt want to wake up my Dad at like 4 am one morning after I got in, going to the toilet... so pissed in a bottle of empty lucozade. Woke up in the morning and had forgoten I'd done it, took a mouthfull of it Never swallowed though Beat that.
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