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  1. Not particularly pretty, but as a win right up there in importance.
  2. Guys a cvnt of the highest order.
  3. Why does anyone listen to this sh**?
  4. Watched that game. Bloody classic.
  5. Biggest problem is, if someone comes in interim or not, will need to work until the end of the season with the current squad. That said, someone who can manage a team could organise this lot differently and make them more cohesive. No idea who though, none of the names thrown about at the minute fill me with anything other than dread.
  6. Need to be a flaming big pocket. I fully expect you guys to take at least five off us. Kyle adds nothing (bar a bit of weight) to our already lightweight team. I am hopeful we can make a game of it but having seen our game against Dunfermline coupled with your narrow (cough) win against Stenny, we are screwed.
  7. I remember that game as well, I also remember Alex Cameron saying that the best rangers could expect from the game was a draw in the Sunday mail. Sad news.
  8. Doncaster has brought nothing but disharmony to Scottish Football. Anyone is better than him.
  9. Speaking as an Ayr fan, I am looking forward to playing you next season, you will have some cracking games. Let us hop that Dungcaster and his cronies cannot manage to fanny-up an SPL 2.
  10. Another interesting thing to consider, the 12 and 12 start off being called the 'premiership' and the 'chamiponshio' the rest are in the national league. Now when the split come and goes to 8-8-8, this gives the promotion and relegation play off places etc. However who wins the 'championship'? is it the team who finishes top after the 22 games? Or is it the team who finishes top of the middle 8? Or is there no trophy to win? Unless it is awarded halfway through the season then there is a fairly good chance that the team at the end of the season who tops the middle 8 will not have played in the
  11. This idea is no worse than the others being banded about at the moment and certainly does have merit. Suggest it to the SFL teams and see what comes back. I would love to see this in action. Certialy more than an 8-8-8-18 or whatever.
  12. I'm an Ayr fan and on the Honestpage (our forum) there are many who are against this nonsense. I shall be emailling our chairman and asking him to follow the likes of East Fife and Peterhead. I wonder what would happen if most of the SFL are against this proposal but the SPL teams go for it? Status Quo or would Doncaster and Regan make it up as they went along. Again?
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