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  1. Just as a matter of interest, how many times could a team benefit from being awarded a 3-0 & 3 points in a season?, I realize I'm being flippant here but theoretically in these circumstances any team could be awarded the points and goals without kicking a ball for the rest of the season and end up winning the league.
  2. No your not mate, I think the same, don't get me wrong he is quick over the first couple of yards but I've seen him get caught up with quite often, that and the fact that he often seems to want to turn back is annoying as well, I keep trying to work out what it is Gerrard and Beale see in him or what the plan is and the only conclusion I can come up with is that they think if he can keep the opposition wing backs busy then maybe that prevents them from getting forward often but then again that doesn't explain why he gets a place against the usual 10 behind the ball shit we normally play agains
  3. Jones and Barker will both run down their contracts, no one else will pay the wages they will both be on.
  4. Funny how so many fans have different opinions on players isn't it, yesterday I thought Alfredo played his part, he wasn't outstanding but still played a vital role, so to say he was rotten is just wrong IMO, as for Roofe taking Alfredo's place when fit well that remains to be seen, again IMO Roofe was brought in as a replacement for Alfredo but he didn't get his move so now Gerrard has a nice choice to have, again IMO Alfredo is first choice and one of the main reasons I have for saying that is the fact that Alfredo is rarely out injured whereas Roofe has a history in that department.
  5. It can't be understated the amount of flying time it took to get back from Colombia and still perform to the level he did, I know for a fact that I'd be jet lagged to fuck if it was me, posters saying he was a passenger today well IMO he still managed to keep 3 CH's busy on his own.
  6. I know it’s the camera angle but the look on Davis’s face.
  7. Those cunts have been running up the white flag for days now so no surprise that TLB and his team done the same.
  8. Watched that last night thoroughly enjoyed it as well, the judge was a nutter.
  9. My son just reminded me there, we pay 3M for Goldson, that lot pay 3M to LOAN Duffy
  10. Watched "War machine" last night, even after watching it I'm not sure if I liked it or not but Brad Pitt's performance kept me hooked, that running style
  11. That can't be correct either can it?, how can a referee possibly have anything to do with a comment that was made after a game is well and truly over, so that leaves the question then who thought that it would be a good idea to report Gerrard's comments to the CO? and who then are the three (so we are told)members who make a judgment as to wether there is a case to answer or not, I think we all know the answer, SPFL transparency my arse.
  12. Do what I do mate, wrap cling film around them.
  13. Really want to watch Gomorrah but I can't keep up with the subtitles.
  14. Still feel pissed off at the way he was treated at the end, showed the club up in a poor light, legend is a word that has lost its meaning, LW wasn't a "legend" but was a good servant.
  15. Talking heads "Stop making sense" brilliant live album, every track excellent.
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