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  1. Still don't have the "go to last post option" (wee circle)on my IPad, it's there on my laptop and iPhone but not on my pad, annoying as fuck.
  2. i once stuck a sheet of paper on someones back that read kick me...........................hahahahahaha
  3. Wouldn't you think if they were more fitter as you say then would it not stand to reason that the prevalence of these types of injuries would be less, or as has been suggested maybe they're to highly tuned
  4. This is what I'm getting at with my OP
  5. I understand that these injuries have been around since forever, it just seems to me there's more occurrences now
  6. Yea I remember that being said before as well, maybe they are being to highly tuned, if that makes any sense
  7. Been on my mind for quite some time now with the amount of these type of injuries the players have been picking up in games or at training, especially yesterday with Jack, Barker and possibly Balogan, add in Katic and I'm not sure how Aribo suffered his injury but something seems amiss here, I'm beginning to think that something may need to be looked at from the medical team standpoint, we hear lots of talk about medical science etc but I'm wondering if the players are being warmed up properly, this seems to be something more common in the "modern footballer" maybe my memory is going as I can'
  8. Robert Pritz (sp) would have been remembered if he had played in a good side, just wrong era for him.
  9. Age is an attitude mate,
  10. Was just about to ask that LOL!!, most of the really older bears must be tucked up in their beds, present company excluded.
  11. Dave Smith, what a sweet left peg he had on him, very cultured a big influence in the ECWC final. Gordon Smith, a perfect foil for big DJ, that treble winning season where they combined to score 50odd between them was a thing of beauty. Alex McDonald and Bobby Russell, enough said.
  12. Cardoso wiznae very good either
  13. Can't believe how come he got a game ahead of me and I'm only 65 now.
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