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  1. Just woke up and fired on laptop and see this, like eveyone else totally gutted and numb, RIP Walter and condolences to his family.
  2. One of the most exciting games I attended was Toronto FC v some other mob from the states, [can't remember who] the half time entertainment was the highlight of the day when they brought out six picnic tables and the crowd had to vote for the best decorated cake by the loudest cheer.
  3. That's Gerrard speak for December
  4. And when you consider how much the highest spenders had to spend we still had no right to compete, not our fault they have made a cunt of it.
  5. I get what you're saying but out of that lot I would say only Grezda and Itten were a waste of money some will say Katic as well but not for me I just think it's a personality thing with Gerrard re Katic, and yes I know we have the 2nd biggest transfer kitty in Scotland but in order to challenge for the league here in Scotland even those fees we paid [apart from Kent] IMO were a gamble.
  6. It's interesting when you see that list and initially you think, fuck me that's awful, but as others have said it was a total rebuild with no money to do it with, personally I think it's incredible that it only took a couple of years to get to the stage we are at now, even when you look at the misses you can see what Gerrard was trying to do with his hands tied behind his back, so if we look at it realistically there was bound to be a high rate of failure to get us where we wanted to be. What will be interesting is where we go from here, we're still nowhere near out of the woods yet and unless we win the league this year and Gerrard finally has some decent money to spend, [even then it won't be a lot ], that's when we'll see if Ross Wilson can weave some magic, so I'll hold off right now before criticizing.
  7. The bit in bold really boggles my mind, I've really tried to understand this stance but it's just impossible to justify.
  8. Not having it, he would have to have been living under a rock his whole life not to have known what was in the pipeline, fuck me even Rip Van Winckle was only asleep for 20yrs, this cunt knew all right and still took the job, anyone associated with that lot are CUNTS.
  9. Daft bastard checked it before posting as well
  10. That was my 1st thought as well but McCurry was adamant that it was well known who's faking it and who's not, he was also talking about goalkeepers fucking around at goal kicks and the time it takes teams to take a free kick, throw ins etc, the main crux of the matter though was that the governing bodies are not all that bothered about teams time wasting and don't seem interested in giving support to the refs in this matter,
  11. I watched the "battle fever" podcast a couple of weeks ago after the Motherwell game when they had Mike McCurry the ex ref on, it was interesting listening to his comments re: time wasting, he was saying that the referees association went to the SFA bigwigs a number of years ago and said that they could stop the increasing trend in time wasting by yellow carding those who persist in it right away thus nipping it in the bud, when asked by the podders "how can you tell the difference between those faking an injury and a genuine injury" his reply was " we [the refs] all know who is faking it and who's not', when the refs asked for support the SFA refused to back them, it was an eye opener for me.
  12. Mate, this is getting really boring now, we get it, time to move on don't you think?
  13. I'm not sure if we've had the same 11 two games on the bounce even from last season, it was more or less a consistent 7-8 when all were available, this season has been a shitshow so far, Gerrard must be pulling his hair out although TBF he has to accept part of the blame for some of his team choices.
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