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  1. Never been a fan of any type of wrestling but that is a very nice looking piece and will not look out of place in the trophy room.
  2. Also has to be remembered he could barely train in his last season due to the state his knees were in at that point, it was said that he could barely stand they were so painful, hardly surprising that his form dipped, still it says a lot for him though that he was still first choice keeper.
  3. I've never seen anyone go up to an opponent though, cover their mouth and say something,they normally only cover their mouths when discussing tactics at free kicks etc or staff on the sidelines talking to one another.
  4. I have that one on my old denim Jacket collar, must be from the early 80's maybe older, [not the jacket LOL] the white part has been yellowed by the weather over the years, and a couple of others adorn my Rangers cap that's glued to my head whenever I go out.
  5. Re RB against them, if Patterson and Tav are unavailable our only choice is Balogun, if that is the case then I would consider playing Wright on the RH side from the start along with Arfield, with Wright"s energy and directness it would keep their left hand side occupied with Arfield offering protection for Balogun.
  6. It's no ferr tae the rest eh us that wan person can be blessed wi aw that talent.
  7. I liked big Bambi, he was a good honest pro who rarely let us down, was brilliant in both games against leeds.
  8. If I were to make a guess I'd imagine this would play a major part and not for the sake of playing Patterson against Cove fucking Rangers.
  9. Killer in that run for me was 67/68 season we were unbeaten until the last game of the season when the sheep came to Ibrox and beat us 3-2 if we had won then we had won the league, can remember it to this day standing in the copland end wondering what the fuck had just happened, that was a really sore one. My recollection of the last line in that song was... It's magic you know' never be ten in a row.
  10. Was murder going through that 9IAR as well mate but in hindsight they did have an exceptional team at that point and their recruitment was excellent as well but we hindered ourselves by our signing policies back then and it's no use denying it. I don't remember the fact that 6-7-8 IAR was looked at as being a "thing" but when they got to 9 stopping 10 was a big thing, and thank God we stopped it, looking back we at least could compete for most of the time and grudgingly respect that we were beaten by the better team which is light years away from there 8.75 this time around and even thoug
  11. Said it years ago on here, the jews are just like Rangers supporters, no one likes them they don't care.
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