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  1. scums PR dept are still in Dubai
  2. they're all good for a laugh mate
  3. He's also just more or less told Lawell to go fuck himself and his apology
  4. Got up this morning wondering what to do to pass the time today, noticed 20+ pages on this thread unred, cheers neil that's this morning been sorted and SSB starts in just under an hour, might just have time to make myself something to eat LOL.
  5. I wonder if we would be saying this if McInnes hadn't shat the bed, fortunately it led to getting Gerrard in the door, fine margins, still in saying that I still say thank fuck for Dave King.
  6. Ever since 2012 I've had to suffer all the jibes, sniggering and laughter, all the lows brought on by the chavs and charlatans who tried to tried to strip the club bare while watching that filthy shower of scum actually acting as if they were doing something of significance while having no competition,and I've watched it all unfold from a distance of 6,000 miles and believe me it has hurt to my core but I honestly don't think that I can comprehend what it must have been like for all you guys living in amongst it on a daily basis, in workplaces, grocery stores, pubs, everywhere it must have bee
  7. they were watching a fucking game, that takes a little more than 15mins
  8. Just in time for ssb, cheers Pete
  9. Does yer mammy wipe yer arse for you Mark
  10. If it's now a Rangers supporters request show then I want Tom fae posso now.
  11. Mibbi tom with his pishy troosers
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