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  1. I'm not worried about that....
  2. DietofWorms


    That was celtc TV mate.....
  3. DietofWorms


    Foul on Waghorn- penalty, didn't give it. Foul on their player by Wallace - penalty, didn't give it..books their player because he fucked up our one. Keirnans red card...fair enough...but if the same foul was against us...the useless ref would have given a yellow. No doubts about it.
  4. Do Hubs want another emergency loan?
  5. Give Garner and Dodoo a fucking start upfront for fucksake!
  6. Alessandro Costacurta. Overshadowed by Maldini and Baresi but he was a brilliant defender.
  7. DietofWorms


    Pisspoor..... Halliday takes a fucking hammering....but literally he's our only midfielder. Toral ....what's the point?
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