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  1. One of the good people. Rest in peace.
  2. He's just the happiest man in the world.
  3. The Beach Billy Boys...kickin' sandcastles over, why don't you go home?
  4. Beautiful shirt. I've not bought a kit for a long time but that's just been purchased.
  5. Absolutely. It's 'true equivalence'. He just doesn't like it. It's what happens though, when idiots make the rules.
  6. Balogun has pace..it's his positioning that's a concern.
  7. In addition to all the rest of the shite..Kent is playing like Brandon Barker...fuck knows whats going on in his head.
  8. Yeah..he looks like an old fashioned Juniors player. A diddy.
  9. Slow..predictable, side to side..where's the drive. Very fucking poor.
  10. They have also went from having a squad full of Old Firm game winning players to perhaps, 3 or 4 who have any experience of those games. It's mental.
  11. She sounds like she's chewing a toffee.
  12. a wee blast from the RM archives.
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