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  1. There has been a massive rise in bunting associated crimes against humanity.... bunting exposure, flag trauma, confetti abuse..the list goes on..it's such a concern.
  2. 4-0 Dundee Hibs tomorrow and Nicky Clark booting Griffiths in the baws will be satisfactory way to win the title.
  3. It's natural jitters with the fans. I'm an old git and I've been nervy. I've not seen us lift the title since 2011, so I can only imagine what it's like for people who've not sen us win anything through their whole teenage/early twenties. I don't think they get that all 'The Helicopter Sundays' and the run in were stroke inducing and not just simply joyous.
  4. "Hawl am Leigh Griffiths..howzitgaun.?..any chance ye could dae a wee drap aff?"
  5. Did they inject it into his optic nerve?
  6. It's funny though, that after all the other teams 'brilliant' performances against us recently have seen a dip. Hmmmmm.
  7. Yeah... it was maddening. .. but they had 2 current Scotland internationals in that back 4.. or 7 ..or whatever...they are a tough team to break down.
  8. We'll never score again ever. 3-0 at least and 14 bonus points to the micks.
  9. Right. I've thought about it for half an hour. It feels shite to lose. Let's not do it again.
  10. That's my worry. No idea what that was about. It's infuriating.
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