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  1. Being a Kubrick fan I'll give Eyes Wide Shut a shout.
  2. 'Withnail and I' is pretty special...also watched Ratatouille with my son recently and thought it was fantastic!
  3. Drinking a Glenmorangie 12yo Nectar D'or. 2 years in a Sauternes cask. It's like drinking late Autumn sunshine.
  4. Ah! I see you've mistaken this thread for the 'Whisky Hating thread'. Whisky is magic and gives you superpowers.
  5. I know it's early but there's a bottle of Lagavulin sitting on my table at home. Roll on 5pm.
  6. Jura is delicious. Smooth and tasty. I'm opening a Lagavulin 16yo! Superb.
  7. I'm having a wee Aberlour.Morrisons were selling it for £14.99. unbelieveable.
  8. Nick Drake,Peter Gabriel,Guy Garvey, PJ Harvey,Fish,Morrissey,Shaun Ryder.
  9. My son is obsessed by dinosaurs, we were sitting on the train a while ago and he was playing with some toy animals and this older couple were sitting across from us. So they start chatting to him "so you like animals son?" "oh yes" he replies. "Are you going to be a vet then?" "no" he says "i'm going to be a paleontologist".He's Five, I'm doomed.
  10. A little bit of sunshine and madness has left the planet, Frank Sidebottom aka Chris Sievey has passed away. God Bless ya Frank.
  11. I think we'll win the league but it may be tight. What I do know is that we will have the framework of the squad that has won the league in the last two seasons, this will be fleshed out to a greater or lesser extent with some new faces and youth players. The counterpoint of which is were up against a celtic with an untried but mental manager, the leftovers of a Tony Mowbray disaster team (Scott Brown captain anyone!)and an unknown amount to spend and unless they've started shitting money, 8million on one player isn't going to happen!They need a major overhaul,we don't. Bring it on.
  12. I wonder if Capuchos bobble heid drops his shorts in Victorias too! Mad Portugese flasher.
  13. Many a true word is spoken in jest.
  14. Is that Thing out of Trapdoor, Blouie?
  15. I'm a Renaissance Theologian/Monk...either that or a Nurse.
  16. This thread should be renamed.. things that want to make you 'do a Birdy'.
  17. The way that Ned mobile phone batteries seem to last forever playing shitey Gabba music. Mine run out after 10 minutes of talking. They must shove speed into theirs or something. Big 'Smoking Kills' signs or pictures of tumours on packs of fags and cigars. I fucking know. Fuckers who think that living 'healthily' will live forever. No you won't. People who eat their fucking Mcd's in their motors, drive away and all the wrappers are lying in a wee car shaped pattern where the car was. Dog. Shite. Everywhere.
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