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  1. I never meant that it will effect what happens on the park ,just hate how standards have slipped
  2. I agree wrong side same as last year
  3. All joking aside for me its down to standards last year we have badges falling off now the crest is wrong
  4. That picture there the bottom of the f on the hummel ones its like it is bulkier and out of line
  5. So far all the new hummel training kits i quiet like ,however what have they done to our crest at the bottom of the F there seems to be a fault its never been like that before Anyone else notice this ?
  6. Imposters in our Jersey no heart no pride
  7. Need to sort ourselves first , sad state when we are looking for favours for 2 nd , utter dross we have cant even hold a 2 goal lead , hopefully onward and upwards from now on only First is good enough and should always be for our Club
  8. I Still think we would have won the following year if Butcher hadnt broken his leg
  9. Best away kit , amyone remember the old umbro box set we used to get them in
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