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  1. There's a typo in the the thread title. The first word is correctly spelled "McCoist".
  2. No Rangers manager should be told which team to pick. Then again, McDowall is no Rangers manager. We desperately need all 5 players and more besides but McDowall has to step up and do his job or else do the right thing.
  3. Jig had no choice, he had to be nice to Commons. His big pal Mark Guidi would have been furious with Jig if he hadn't been friendly to wee Kris. The Rangers captain laughing and joking with a Celtic player straight after he scores against us in a semi final. I really have seen it all now.
  4. I agree. The more I see the same team playing exactly the same way post-Ally, the more I question what McCoist actually did. It looks to me like McDowall selected the team & the tactics while Ally told the jokes.
  5. So Sarver is offering to invest £20 in new shares, 25% more than King claimed to offer. The UOF must surely make a statement insisting the board accept this offer. Am I right??
  6. That's exactly what we did when we appointed McCoist...
  7. Completely agree that this is the type of managerial appointment we urgently need. The disgraceful Old Boys network at Rangers has to end, now and for ever.
  8. ----------------------------------- Oh I don't know. I'm sure he could land a job as a costumed mascot pre-game.
  9. Now a certain tweet from a few weeks back makes perfect sense.
  10. xxx xxx xxx xxx From what I've read, work is yet to start on the 20k capacity new ground. A rich owner and a new ground is no guarantee of success, the Championship is full of teams with similar stories. I'm not dissing Brentford here. I'm pointing out that Lewis has just moved to a far smaller club than Rangers.
  11. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx I'm gutted and worried at his departure, mate. He's our standout player and it looks like Ashley couldn't get him out the door fast enough. Very concerning indeed. Excellent stats, well put together.
  12. That is almost inversely proportionate to the "Jig stats" which I used to post on FF, until the threads were immediately chopped.
  13. xxx xxx xxx That's right. And as I said, beyond this season they will struggle to stay in the division.
  14. Brentford's ground is about as impressive as Dunfermline's. Good luck to LM but he's just left one of the world's great football clubs to sign for a team who will struggle to stay out of the English 3rd tier beyond this season.
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