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  1. I'm not a regular on here and not familiar with your username, so my apologies!
  2. I would say so as well. Not the predicted fire sale that demented bheasts would have us believe, but a bit of movement in both directions.
  3. Better tell his wife and wean.
  4. Seeing as absolutely nothing he has ever written about us has been correct, then Id doubt that very, very much.
  5. You definitely can mate. As the above poster says, theres one from Central about 8.08 so be at Bridgeton for five to seven and you'll get the same one. Check Scotrail website if you dont believe anybody
  6. Ignore my post and do what this guy says
  7. Can get a train straight from Bridgeton, Id say be at Bridgeton station for 8.20 at latest. Check Scotrail website though for exact times. Once you get to Milngavie its either a 15 minute walk or a quick taxi. Pish case.
  8. You can get trains on Queen St or Central line mate, where are you coming from? Theres one every 25 minutes from Central, if you want to be there for 9.15 Id say the 8.25 or whatever is the nearest time (Timetable has changed recently).
  9. Aye. The banger count is well and truly through the roof, but admin are happy enough for all threads to go the same depressingly predictable way, so its really their doing, rather than any particular spasticated fuckwit.
  10. There is obviously going to be interest in him, he is the best player in the SPL. For all the offers we get though, I still believe we will not be under any obligation to accept them. If he leaves, it will be because he wants to IMO.
  11. This was my point TBH...Im not what you would call a devoted reader of his, far from it...But if it exposes republican filth in the media then Im all for it.
  12. What on Earth has being Scottish got to do with wanting to urinate in a monarchs beverage and refraining from wiping your genitals on the vessel that contains said beverage? You havent really thought this through, have you? No, no...Nothing about this adds up at all.
  13. He is undoubtedly an excellent writer, his years as a columnist and sportswriter confirm that...But I personally find the majority of his blogging tiresome at best. I agree with the blog sentiments though, for every one decent writer, theres a hundred self involved sleep inducers churning out uninteresting claptrap and expecting pats on the back. Its a saturated market...The majority of Rangers "Bloggers" bore the shit out me.
  14. I stopped reading Leggat ages ago, but anything that exposes a Bheast hack (provided its at least accurate) is welcome I suppose. Not sure what good it achieves or impact it has in the grand scheme of things right enough, Im not sure it alone would get the cunt sacked from the Mirror, but the majority appear to support him so he must be doing something right.
  15. As long as they rename the houses they build on our stadium "The Craig Whyte Estate" when he makes us go under, then Ill be happy
  16. Comments should really be disabled. The Rangers fans actually responding are probably bigger fuckwits than the Taigs TBH. Anyway, not my intention to detract from the point of the thread, so my apologies.
  17. If he does leave, then it should be with the best wishes of every single Rangers supporter the world over. A man that came when we were in a mess, became a steadying influence, captained us to three titles and all the while went about his business with the minimum of fuss. Class personified.
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