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  1. You are wise beyond your years, Jebediah.

  2. Awright lad, matted wi the cider watp and fuck el papa.

  3. The theme tune is just so motivational. If that theme tune doesn't kick start the regeneration of our dear mother earth, I dunno what will.

  4. Cannae whack a bit of Knight Rider.

  5. "The new creation by JML! A 20-pronged dildo!! Now with real baby batter for all your repopulating needs!"

  6. They laughed.....

    The apocalypse came. They didn't laugh anymore. Because they were dead.

  7. When the rapture comes we'll be ready wae oor JML rapture helmets now with cupholders.

  8. Five star rating for you. :)

  9. awwww ye kno am only kiddin.. or am i.. lol

  10. That and hittin every branch fallin from the ugly tree DeeAich

  11. You look older than your age..

  12. Nice profile pic.. Is that your passport photo..?

  13. Tha Bold Daviddd

    Yasssssssssss !

  14. fuck monroe cat.. ghosties is far better

  15. och ok then.. Thake

  16. where are ye ya muppet..? am i watchin it on my own..? lol

  17. dunno.. mibbe tomoro.. lol


  19. Hungover..??

  20. ya mad steamer!

  21. Much Goychness


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