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  1. you thought of dalglish/brenda and not walter ?
  2. matched them no ? pushed them a bit better yes ?
  3. the captain is a crap defender end of ? flano should have been our right back as we were never going to be pushing on which suits tav.sg should have see that but that will come with experiance
  4. gazza /gerrard/souness dream for us . nightmare on kerryfail street
  5. laurel and hardy do we not play them at the back ?
  6. no get the new manager in asap ? so he can get us ready for europe that is if we even make that
  7. he looked like i felt all game.it takes an injury for him to make a sub he is totally useless
  8. maybe some of that is down to murty who cant set a team up.and when it goes tits up he just stands there looking clueless
  9. imo we should now put jimmy nichol in charge till the end of the season if murty isn't getting the gig full time.
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