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  1. I know. I've been logged in for about 3 minutes and I've already got 3 posts in here.
  2. Last year's rumour of Lee Wilkie spotted in Dundee so he must be resigning for Dundee again was the best I ever heard.
  3. Marmaris. Gran Pasa hotel. Absoloutely loved it .
  4. I know. I had to pay a quid a month to get on my sky sub but I was getting it free when I had my crappy old freeview box. The bird won't be disappointed by this news; no more SSN in the bedroom.
  5. Gazza and Scholes would be a better comparison.
  6. No point in asking linesmen anyway. What chance do us fans have when these numbnuts can't get it friggin' right?
  7. I can't understand why every referee is shit. I also can't understand Fifa's reluctance to use goal-line technology.
  8. Vettel, for me. I thought at first that Vettel was clearly ahead and Webber could have moved but it's quite clear he didn't have a chance when you saw it again. It was daft from Vettel but it made for the best race of the season so far. Hamilton and Button's little duel showed how it was done, even if they did get a little too close for Whitmarsh's comfort.
  9. 2002 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2, Lightning Grey. I loved it. Feel sorry for it now, I thrashed the little bugger. Going to have driving for 5 years in just over 2 weeks .
  10. I wish I had a source to refer too .
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