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  1. He was different level for a while. Best player on park in European games as well.
  2. He was class before he went to blackburn. Not so much when he came back as I think injuries caught up with him.
  3. At the end of day they are a bunch of soap dodgers bastards and we will always be better regardless
  4. Someone sent me this the other day as were talking about how good it used to be .
  5. Harry Maguire looks like he's towing a caravan now.
  6. Roberto Martinez looks like he's polished his heed.
  7. Which Crail course? I've only played blalcomie which I think is the better of the 2.
  8. Trump is class. Cruden bay is also very good. Hopefully the weather holds out.
  9. Bates was shite. His second touch was normally a tackle. If he managed to control it in the first place his next touch was a long aimless punt up the park.
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