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  1. McGregor is the better keeper but McLaughlin has good distribution and prob better at crosses which helps with a Rangers keeper as the majority of attacks they have to deal with in the league are set pieces
  2. Best tip / advice on here ever was toasting potato waffles twice and they are ready @born a blue nose
  3. Have you tried the recycle bin or whatever it is called. Sure files go in there for a while after they are deleted
  4. Female opinion on football boots doesn't count. If we were talking about ironing boards or washing machines then your input would be valuable
  5. 😂 Tough crowd in here. I knew the leg / slippers would get noticed.
  6. Sopranos is probably the beat series I've ever watched. Its class and quite a lot of hidden humour in it as well.
  7. I just watched it recently. Really good and hopefully be more seadons to come. Line of duty is good as well even though that wee pape is in it.
  8. I've played muirfield and the old course. The old course is obviously really nice but more the history you play it for. Some feeling walking down the 1st and up the last but I've played much better courses.
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