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  1. Any official update as just away to leave. Kids will bu gutted if its off as don't manage down often
  2. Still absolutely gutted about this and can't quite take it in. He was my hero growing up and so many good memories associated with him. Read some of the tributes earlier and he is held it the utmost regard in football circles. Greatest ever Ranger without a doubt imo.
  3. They do a battle royale type thing over a long weekend in Hungary.
  4. Even if they did approach I think it would be a strange move as they clearly need a manager to steady it then he will get binned for someone in 2 years once they are up the league and can attract better players. Anyway, I dont welcome the interest. We won the league last year and are top so far. We have been poor so far this year and will hopefully get better soon.
  5. Pretty sure he was already in charge?
  6. Cant see it happening. They will want a bigger managerial name to steady the ship for 2 years and sign some overpriced shite before they improve. Will be similar to man city initial rise. Signings similar to Robinho
  7. Some of the posts in here are fucking mental. He won't get the job or even be considered for it. We won the league last year and albeit have been pretty shite so far this year we are still top. We can only really improve as surely cant get any worse.
  8. I used to like AJ but he speaks some amount of pish these days. Never answers the question asked to him and just responds with ridiculous responses. If he loses the rematch he's fucked at the top level.
  9. Lundstram has been shite and shouldn't be starting. However, he doesn't suit the position he's been asked to play. He's supposedly a combative box to box midfielder but playing on the right of a 3 doesn't suit him at all.
  10. Mckay didnt pass his 3 month probation period imo.
  11. The 4 or 5 now available he mentioned I presume will be Kent, Roofe, Lundstram and Bacuna? You would think all will start except Bacuna. Lundstram has been utter shite so far but it'll be him, Davis and Kamara in the middle. Roofe has to play tomorrow imo. Not sure where Aribo will fit in if Kent is available. Maybe play him at left back as an outside bet.
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