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  1. Yeah, exact same. I always wish I could freeze my life at that exact moment as I think to myself... what a time to be alive. Airports are shite.
  2. If they go for o'Neill or Strachan then fine but I'd prefer if they didn't get Howe although he's never managed a team that has to win all the time.
  3. Hopefully feb the 1st. Be even funnier if they dont sack him
  4. Ha ha Andy Walker you fucking cretin
  5. Duffer must have a clause in his contract saying he has to take part unless injured.
  6. Would love that to happen but can't see it.
  7. Looks like curried mince imo. Chips look good but the rest looks shite.
  8. Cheers! Just actually read about this online. I would def change for that price. Need to see if the local tesco has it.
  9. I bought the fortnite limited edition for my soon to be 8 year old. It was 289 from Smyths and came with a game. I was looking at other deals but as it has fortnite on it already it effectively comes with 2 games. Cant be fucked returning it for a better deal as the saving will be minimal.
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