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  1. Cut the corner a bit too much there. Hope he's not out of bounds.
  2. Tough choice. Win the league at their midden or have them give us a guard of honour as we walk out newly crowned champions.
  3. Just turned off a shite film on netflix and this came on. Ha ha ha.
  4. There is no chance it will be Hutton. He retired a year ago?! It would take him minimum 8 weeks to get up to fitness and would likely injure himself in the process. I dont think we will sign anyone but if we do it'll be someone form UK.
  5. What a fucking tool. Cunts got bigger tits than my wife.
  6. Need more from kamara and Aribo. Zungu is playing as holding midfielder. Kent been shite again but he can create something out of nothing.
  7. They are fucking horrendous which is brilliant to see
  8. Why the fuck to sky put andy walker on as a commentator for Rangers games. Do they think I enjoy listening to his taigy voice speaking shite.
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