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  1. The first game I took my eldest to was the game against Cowdenbeath in the Scottish Cup, January 2016. He was only 9 at the time but had been at me to get to Ibrox for ages. Absolutely loved it and was made up to see a few goals too. Went up from Ayr on the Red Stone Inn bus and it was bitterly cold. Outwith needing to go for a pish a couple of times, he sat mesmerised the whole game. Always remarks that it was the game Harry Forrester made his debut. Its weird the things they remember.
  2. They really don't know how high this goes....
  3. I'm in Nagoya so hopefully I'll get a stream the morra. Fkn erse is doin buttons already. Got the whole day here to wait for it though. Skyped the wee man back home there and he says it'll be two nil to the Famous. I'll take that.
  4. Probably my favourite ever Ranger. Took a while to get up to full tilt but when he did and shifted on to his left, he was usually unstoppable. The only player who's name I had on the back of any Rangers top (Light Blue and White NTL on from 99/00). Even now, my wee boy who's only 9, practices "The Hammer's" free kicks in the garden. Absolutely loved the big guy. Legend.
  5. Close to tears here watchin with the wee man. He was only 4 when this was all put on us. Only just started askin me what exactly happened. Still dont really know how to explain it all to him. All he's really seen is us in the lower divisions. Cant fuckin wait till he sees what its really about. Before the cup final, before the scum game, lets just enjoy this feeling right now cos nobody deserves it more than we do.
  6. Defence is nowhere near good enough. Past 2 games have shown this. Conceding 6 goals in 2 games is embarrassing in ANY league.
  7. Nowhere near good enough to be honest. Making Queens look good here. Hopefully the opposite of last week. Shite 1st half. Magic 2nd.
  8. Brilliant read as usual D'art. Keep it up.
  9. Thats exactly what I heard too. Couldn't quite believe it.
  10. Am in Ayr though mate. So are the Red Arrows. The skies are red, white and blue.
  11. Red Arrows showin their support over Ayr right now too. Its all about Rangers.
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