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  1. His shot at goal was more embarrassing than Motherwells tactics. His finishing has always been poor, he just hits it as hard as he can, I was hoping DeFoe coming would show him how to finish.
  2. These guys aren't winners, losers mentality has came 2 week early this year.
  3. Sheep seems to have lost all hope and are happy for us to keep it.
  4. Further proof we need a dislike button.
  5. Game was shit back in the day, pretty much expect it to still be shit.
  6. Has anyone made a song about how great he is yet.
  7. Warburton team while being shite would prob have beaten those Luxembourg part timers, we went cheap with Pedro and we are getting what we paid for.
  8. He has a cool haircut but apart from that I see nothing in him.
  9. He is a woeful player, the myth of Rossiter last season is much better than the reality Rossiter this season.
  10. I'm ust hopin Rossiter gets lost with them and they can take dalcio also.
  11. Have they tossed Miller out to give us the "fans deserve better" statement he says every 2nd week.
  12. I have been defending him but by fuck I can't now, he is woeful.
  13. I don't read every post but I'm sure I haven't seen any vile comments.
  14. While I don't think Wallace is anywhere near a footballer like Numan I don't think he is that bad. Playing in a defence with Hill, Kiernan, Senderos, Wilson, and to an extent Tavernier is never gonna make you look good.
  15. I always feel with the 1 up front you need big target man, haven't seen him play but I got told the Mexican boy Herrara is like this so I will wait and see. With the other strikers we have in Miller and the Colombian boy I think 1 up front is a waste and we spend our time fannying about outside their box.
  16. In fairness Maldini was different class. I think the problem might be if the captain is took off him will he see it a slap on the face and will this affect anyone else, might sound stupid but it could happen. Surely Wallace must know he is not a captain, I mean look at the Rangers captains before him, guys like Ferguson and Gough. A captain should be a good player and be vocal at the same time, if Alves plays the way he can I would say he is a def shoe-in for the job and Wallace should really volunteer to hand it over.
  17. Wallace is never a captain and Pedro should look at giving it to someone else and I always found a left back as a strange position for a captain, I always seen it as a job for a CD or CM.
  18. With Waghorns build you would expect him to be bullying and muscling his way past players but he is powder puff.
  19. I would rather have a tired Miller than Waghorn on the pitch, I said in another post I kinda feel sorry for Waghorn coz he does try but sadly he just isn't good enough. Holt I never have rated and never seen anything to make me think otherwise, Windass I thought was a guy who could come good but I'm really starting to change that view now.
  20. Kinda feel sorry for him, he does try but at the end of the day he is a poor player and shouldn't be in the team unless we have injuries. Like last season we got to their half and ran out of ideas, I think we need a big target man in there and I doubt this Colombian boy is the answer.
  21. No to show how happy we are we should make a song for Pedro, Magic hat or something it will be brill.
  22. Well OK, most of the support creamed themselves, a very big most of the support.
  23. Call him stupid, an idiot, or a prick, but he saw through Green and Co while the rest of us creamed ourselves thinking they were here to help and get the club back to the top.
  24. FFS Get over it, Shit manager but legend player.
  25. I didn't know that, but I do think it was a jump before getting pushed.
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