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  1. His shot at goal was more embarrassing than Motherwells tactics. His finishing has always been poor, he just hits it as hard as he can, I was hoping DeFoe coming would show him how to finish.
  2. These guys aren't winners, losers mentality has came 2 week early this year.
  3. Sheep seems to have lost all hope and are happy for us to keep it.
  4. So did Mo Johnston and he did fine for us.
  5. A new stadium would be lovely but TBH nowadays everything is thrown together, I really believe with a new stadium we would end up with something like Breeze Block Towers at the East-End.
  6. I really do believe we are a poorer team without Miller and McKay, Warbs should really just give up with Nicky Clarke he is given chance after chance to play and does shit except the occasional goal, TBH a half puffed out Kenny Miller is worth more than Clarke, Rather than wasting time with Clarke we should maybe just toss a youngster on to give him game time.
  7. Nah not really but you could try Off Topic or Debating Chamber I think it called.
  8. Man UTD defence will ripped apart with those killer through balls.
  9. From Rangers it was Davie Cooper, only had 1 foot but with a left foot that good having a right foot was only being greedy, loved Ally also like everyone, if I was in goals I used to be or pretend to be Theo Snelders but only when he came to Rangers not when he was at the sheep, I was about 10 when Souness came to Rangers and you could throw in Wilkins, Butcher, Gough also Mo signing was a memorable day, I stayed in Ibrox and there was people burning their Rangers strips outside Ibrox, I believe the Media were paying people something like £30 or £50 to do it for their photo and the guys just r
  10. I used to never like him and always seen him as 1 of the wee arseholes from the Nandos generation but fair play to the lad I can't praise him enough, if he keeps working on his game I don't see why he won't be a first team player for a number of years to come unless somebody nips in with a good offer for him. 1 of our best players this season.
  11. Better still Freddy Adu, he was going to be the next Pele.
  12. Seen Speirs in an article earlier saying that Paedo from Hearts should be brought back into the game.
  13. Dunno how much he will be getting paid but being an English club I reckon it is way more than a Scottish team can afford, the guy wasn't a Rangers supporter and feels playing at Leeds would be best for him, good luck to him and I'm sure MW and DW will not be losing any sleep over it.
  14. There for a time seemed to be a "Rangers fans threatened me" thing going, he just jumped on the bandwagon, the Rangers support don't ask for favours from the press or expect them to turn a blind eye when anything happens, we only expect fairness in reporting.
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