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  1. Played great and now that Patterson decided to throw away his Rangers career it's great that we have someone who can slot in.
  2. His shot at goal was more embarrassing than Motherwells tactics. His finishing has always been poor, he just hits it as hard as he can, I was hoping DeFoe coming would show him how to finish.
  3. These guys aren't winners, losers mentality has came 2 week early this year.
  4. Sheep seems to have lost all hope and are happy for us to keep it.
  5. Most if not all managers will make more crap than good signings.
  6. Decent player for Ultimate team in FIFA, bit slow but.
  7. Would regard his performance on Sunday as being on a par with Coulibaly from the 2nd half of last season.
  8. Formation, tactics, and players were shite today, it happens.
  9. I would put our formation and team choice today on a par with Leveins 4-6-0 formation he played once.
  10. At present I rate him as a half decent player for the bench.
  11. The whole time he was on he looked lost and should have been took off at half time.
  12. He had constant space today but a mixture of players not having the vision to see him with space mixed with Aribo in front of him being rank rotten didn't help. Will never be on the level of Artur Numan but I find him a decent worker who puts a decent shift in.
  13. I thought he had a decent game today. He made himself a shit load of space today out wide, but we still have this thing where the players believe everything has to go down the right.
  14. I like Arfield but he looks like a guy who needs dropped for 2 or 3 weeks to recharge his batteries.
  15. I would rather we played in Europe, not get fines and lose money on seats we can't sell, and guys not losing out on seeing us play.
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