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  1. Played great and now that Patterson decided to throw away his Rangers career it's great that we have someone who can slot in.
  2. His shot at goal was more embarrassing than Motherwells tactics. His finishing has always been poor, he just hits it as hard as he can, I was hoping DeFoe coming would show him how to finish.
  3. These guys aren't winners, losers mentality has came 2 week early this year.
  4. Sheep seems to have lost all hope and are happy for us to keep it.
  5. Jordon Jones seems hell bent on ruining his Rangers career, give him what he wants and tell him not to come back to the club in any way.
  6. We seem to be moving in the right direction on and off the park, must be really pissing some folks off on here.
  7. Fuck calling it off, tell them to man up. Try playing in the pissing raid at 9am on a Saturday morning at Netherpollock with your feet sinking 4 inches into the ground it's that muddy.
  8. The rest of Scotland hates them just as much as us, the last few years they have been going for us more than them. But up until the last 2 years a series of clusterfucks all stemming from board room downwards has made us an easy target and they have just piled on.
  9. Some people just like to find problems with anything the board do, best to just let it pass.
  10. 22 shots and zero goals, hoping Roofe and Itten solve this problem.
  11. We had a big skinny boy who played midfield, always looked as if he could go on to be a good player if he put a bit of weight on.
  12. I think him and Hagi could build something good.
  13. If we insist on hitting high crosses in, I would like us to sign someone who can head a ball. Tav can go, his defending is gash and his attacking us mediocre with a few flashes of brilliance throughout the season. I would like a Midfielder who can and isn't scared to shoot from 20 yards plus.
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