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  1. I know who the mystery striker is. Here's a clue. A-t--r Sc-rg--l
  2. The Port is the putrid pus in the infected boil that is Greenock which is on the arsehole of the Loyal Royal Burgh of Gourock.
  3. I don't even think they arranged a game but still charged the peasants a fiver for the "privilege".
  4. Just sitting here reminiscing about the last Scottish Cup final i was at. 93, going for the treble, against a decent Aberdeen team. The sun was shining, hammered , and standing in the jungle with my best pal. One of those days il never forget, watching Gough lifting the cup, losing a trainer only to find it as I was walking out, and best of all experiencing something the tims will never achieve. Watching my team, win a treble, in the jungle, the shitey jungle. Roll on 26 years, I don't see my best pal, I wear comfy shoes and rarely drink but il be there on Saturday and hopefully il exper
  5. Get it right on the pitch first. That's the priority
  6. A visit to a decent barbers and a kick up the arse and he could be a very good signing.
  7. Another ex pro, with money issues, looking for attention
  8. Who's that ? Frank Mcgarvey ?
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