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  1. Rudi Voller. Then we can name his brand of football "vollyball"
  2. And coincidently right where Mr Wilson is moving to. Its the site of the new Health Centre now.
  3. Ann St. No doubt we have mutual friends
  4. Where you from Malkster? I'm a Broomy Boy
  5. 5 minute walk to Bank St Rangers club.
  6. Agree. They are the minority however they are a particularly rabid bunch.
  7. Lou Macaris family had a chippy
  8. Inverkip and Wemyss Bay are decent places to live. Or you could move to the Loyal Royal Burgh of Gourock. 2 Rangers clubs Orange Lodge and plenty Bears
  9. Theres a story on Castore on Ian King who does business news on Sky news in 5 mins
  10. As much as I agree with the sentiment of banning them, I would however cordially invite them to the presentation on the small caveat that they remove their shoes prior to entry.
  11. Cancer invaded my life in 2012. I looked to Rangers for respite and it wasn't there. Ive had 9 horrific years. When we win it ill be crying like a baby. Ill raise a glass to remember my wife and celebrate being champions. Enjoy every second of it Sir.
  12. He will leave a Champion.
  13. Hes not The Mebude. Hes just a silly boy.
  14. I don't think he gets the concept of "rebuild".
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