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  1. Ffs 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
  2. Ignore him man, he’s a fukkin window licker
  3. Mate, my daughter did all that, studied like fuk all year, got A’s in her prelims and her course work was an A standard, still gave her B’s in a few subjects
  4. My wee lassie got marked down anaw mate, luckily she’s still getting to got to Uni, she got an A in her higher prelim, had A’s in all her coursework but they mongos in Hollyrood say she’s only eligible for a B
  5. Nippy won’t suspend the league IMO, she’d lose 99% off her voters
  6. Minimum they’ve got to forfeit the point they got yesterday, if you’re Kilmarnock you’d be asking for it, I mean “rules are rules”
  7. Cheers bud, aye man I’ve made my peace with it
  8. I’ve not spoke to my mum properly in years mate, she was an alcoholic when me and my siblings grew up, never knew my dad, she had a procession off wankers living in our house, never took care off us. I gave her a chance when my kids were born, even gave my wee lassie her name, she missed their birthdays etc due to the drink, so i don’t talk to her My gran was basically my mum growing up
  9. That’s a ban surely @gogzy mate?
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