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  1. Correct, he’s a fukkin horrible wee Ned and has got away with being a c@nt for years, hiding behind the “sectarian abuse he gets”
  2. As soon as we’re confirmed mate, I’ve took the Monday and Tuesday off work after the game v the taigs, told my boss if he’s looking for me he’ll find my happy as fuk corpse in George square
  3. Just listened to the Souness one, superb also, he puts the interviewer in his place when he says about Gerrard moving on to bigger and better things, class
  4. Just listened to it, class hearing him saying 55 would be up there with Istanbul
  5. As soon as the final whistle went it was “retrospective action”
  6. Their stand with the bit missing out it annoys fuck out me
  7. It’s no me mate 😂😂😂😂
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