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  1. That's no a mask mate,it's his sister's knickers...and that was taken a week before the virus hit.
  2. Love this gif😀😀
  3. Yeah, same thing happened to me last week in premier Inn York, annoying!
  4. Listening at work,guy's a breath of fresh air.Saying he couldn't believe the shite on the back pages about Oduwa,and if you check out his clips at Spurs he's been doing similar tricks for yonks,also saying if it was messi or ronaldo it would be a different story and that it should be all about entertaining the fans,mentioned baxter v england and said he would like to have seen the headlines after that,also spoke about our first penalty "in months".must be a bear.
  5. Actually fuckin laughed out loud there and getting weird looks from everyone in the pub.classic mate:-)
  6. Remember hearing or reading somewhere that he spent some time in glasgow earlier in his career.Doesn't just wind up the mhanks,i think he genuinely dislikes them.:-)
  7. In steps bar,good beer,all bears nae hassle.mon the SOW.
  8. I really need to get glasses.Thought it said Ally McCoist resigns.Oh well back on the vin rouge:-)
  9. Can't believe some of the comments on here re boyd.why wouldn't we want to sign the best striker in scotland?.put it this way,if he signed for hearts say and banged in 30+goals next season would we still be confident of winning the league?
  10. merry Christmas to all bears everywhere from loyal Ayrshire.
  11. Have to say mate,that's fantastic.Thanks for taking the time to put that together.
  12. Hope they all had a great weekend.Was over a couple of years ago to watch them against Eintracht Frankfurt,me and my mate were made so welcome.Later that night we took our wives to the fans bar the Tankstelle bar where they have a Gers flag on the ceiling.What a night.
  13. The Steps bar in glassford street.Good wee gers pub,no chance of the tims games being on there.
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