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  1. No abuse just missing the point. Displays are for the team and nobody else. Tv is completely irrelevant.
  2. Literally the most annoying thing to see in a debate over something is for someone to misrepresent the other persons argument to try and make their own sound better. At least engage with what is actually being said instead of inflating and exaggerating the points into something that wasn't said, doesn't look good. PRW isn't saying "we have never had any atmosphere at all", that would be daft. It really doesn't need addressing how many games we have had a great atmosphere at, it's undeniable and obvious. A good team helps atmosphere, obviously yes but having a good team doesn't equa
  3. Being not in favour of safe standing is fine but this logic makes zero sense - 'The atmosphere wasn't great today so it will never be any better than that'. To add, nobody ever said that games against Hamilton will be a "cauldron of noise" or have the full stadium bouncing like you are insinuating - and that's not the argument being made for safe standing. Will the atmosphere be much better? Most definitely. Will it be more enjoyable? Most definitely. It's simple maths, a section of a couple thousand in a prominent position is louder and has better chance of spreading during spells, than a se
  4. List problem sorted with @BEE Hadn't got to the very bottom of who put the name forward, wasn't from social media but either way wasn't their convenor so problem is still on our end imo. Happy to say that the bus has now officially decided to support safe standing though
  5. What's your RSC mate and I'll send it to be added to the next list if you's haven't already done so. Glad to see the support!
  6. You're right about that, there's plenty RSC's that have been left out for that reason though so calm your jets. What's your RSC and I'll sort out where it came from and have it took off if necessary. Pm if you don't want to post it publically or that, just whatever suits.
  7. Began with e-mails and messages directly and then spread with people contacting us to add their support. Feel like you have a problem...
  8. Was released on our Facebook and twitter. List of RSC's in support now much, much larger.
  9. What I've posted is what I personally believe to be the fairest way. I believe people choosing to move out should be given first choice on availability at no extra cost to their season ticket. As you can see from my post it's not from taking a lead role that I believe we came into it, it's from being the section that has stood for years and holds the people currently most keen to stand and sing at Ibrox, and a section that is allowed to happen at grounds through leniency. It's really common sense to seek to move those same people into a 'safe' standing section. Obviously those in the area
  10. Thanks, I take it back about the list of demands. The way it worked with Celtic and the way BF1 currently works is there is a fairly negotiated allocation given by the club and the way would happen on for this would again be on the basis of availability from people who don't move ( I strongly believe). The group's allocation would be together and it would be selectively chosen, from the front (honestly the worst view so I don't see how it would be a problem). I don't imagine an arrangement based upon growth, anyone who has any interest if ever being involved with the UB/atmosphere on a matchda
  11. It's harder to hit the pitch from the BF1 than other sections never mind it being physically impossible to hit the goals where the problem was coming from with the keeper taking the goal kick. I'd honestly give you 100 quid if you could hit the goalpost with a bit of scrunched up A5 paper (paper aeroplanes don't count). Just bizarre to blame the group for that
  12. Bastard, thought we already were allowed Joke for anyone feeling a bit serious.
  13. You've not which is why you keep avoiding saying what the demands we would start making after safe standing are. You also began by claiming this is about making the UB feel more important about themselves. The UB was created to add colour and atmosphere to Rangers games home and away, the benefit of creating a better atmosphere is the benefit of Ibrox - the ultimate reason for our existence. The order I personally believe it will go in is season ticket holders in that area will be told what is happening and be given the choice of staying or moving. Following that the club will give the gr
  14. You've not said any demands anywhere we would make, just that we would "start getting all arses with demands." Shouldn't be too hard to give a quick list of the demands you imagine? struggling to imagine them myself which is why I'm so confused. If you think Rangers are going to exclude the only section in Ibrox that has been standing at games for years and years - when you aren't actually allowed technically - from a newly built safe standing section then you are completely off your head to be honest. Ofcourse all fans are equal but BF1 is the accepted standing section of Ibrox wher
  15. What kind of demands do you think we would make like?
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