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  1. Fuckin nob I was out at 2.30 am last night plastering our supporters clubs stickers aw about the toon 😂 If only I had a can of spray paint tae
  2. Ronald waterreus brought in to cover klos when he was injured and ended up keeping him out the team for a while after he got fit again.
  3. I agree wallace is not a natural leader but for the sacrifice and commitment he has shown to us the past few years he deserved the captaincy.at the moment there is no one in the team apart from miller who could take on the role but that would not be beneficial in the long run.when advocaat made barry the captain at a young age(as much as it was a kick in the baws for amo)it made barry the player he was.otherwise i think that he would have went down the same road as charlie miller or mcinnes. Maybe Warburton should try something radical and make Kiernan or holt the captain.
  4. Chris burke is one that comes to mind
  5. I remember bidding on an original copy of this on eBay a few months back. Bid a max of 45 quid when it was around 18 quid. Thought i had it and it ended up going for around 65 quid. Would have been a good addition to my collection :-(
  6. Sorry tickets actually £24 each.doors at 19.00 lol
  7. Sat 27th feb Barrowlands 2 tickets for sale £19 each. Can meet larkhall area or ibrox on Saturday
  8. I really dont get the universal dislike of hampden.i fuckin love it.great stadium albeit you are miles away from the pitch.at the end of the day if you are at hampden then its for a final or a semi.(apart from the games against queens park) even then the billy boys came back 1st time and the next game there was the mascot race with the irn bru can lol Joking aside how can you forget the lovenkrands game,kontermans screamer,jelavic,9 men v st mirren,novo v dundee,qos final The good times at hampden certainly outweigh the bad.
  9. Bell was our keeper last year in a shit team along with wallace miller shiels and law and going by their improvements i can only assume bell has adopted the same attitude and winning mentality thats been lacking in recent years.he was a decent keeper for kilmarnock.not as good as neil alexander for us I think he will be a good back up keeper when required
  10. cool shirts though.bought a couple years ago when in vancouver on the cruises[working unfortunately not on holiday] think about 90 canadian dollars each-about 35 quid amazing quality.still wear them occasionally to the games now although they seem to be a tighter fit lol if i remember correctly the white shirts home and blue away ? could be wrong tho mon the rangers
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