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  1. Drogba's been poor since joining but its still far too early to be making calls like that
  2. Think Chelsea have made a mistake letting Lukaku go. Costa has had one good season so a lot of pressure on him. Drogba isn't what he once was and Torres is not up to it. Their forward line has no doubt improved on last season but not to the extent they should have strengthened it in my opinion
  3. Saw Boyhood at the cinema last night - was fucking phenomenal
  4. Going to get into Homeland very soon. Series of 24 Live Another Day finished the other week - really enjoyed that
  5. Would make sense considering they've lost Suarez. I still think Arsenal should be looking to add a striker like Remy to their attack. They were far too reliant on Giroud last year
  6. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/9386999/premier-league-didier-drogba-could-be-reunited-with-jose-mourinho-at-chelsea
  7. Schwarzer signs one year new contract at Chelsea. He did well for them when he filled in last year but surprised at that none the less considering Courtois is returning. Hilario has also been released by the club http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28106568
  8. Barca haven't beaten At. Madrid in five games this season plus its looking quite likely Barca might head into that game knowing them beating At. Madrid might result in Real winning the title. I still think At. Madrid are favourites but Real's last minute equalizer keeps them right in the mix. Real simply have to win their next two games though
  9. Great game Real Valencia - that was a big goal for Real at the end as it keeps them above Barca which is vital considering they have the worse head to head. I think At. Madrid will go on and win it as things stand. Big opportunity chucked away by Real tonight to put themselves on the same points
  10. Watched Casino this morning - fucking quality movie loved the narration
  11. Good win for Real they have a fairly straighforward run in while At. Madrid have to go to Valencia & Barca. Still Barca's loss tonight means provided At. Madrid win all their games up until their final day clash with Barca they'll be champions. They're five wins away from been champions. At Madrid Run In: Getafe (A), Elche (H), Valencia (A), Levante (A), Malaga (H), Barca (A) They have a good chance of doing it they'd need to drop at least 4 points between now and the end of the season to not be Champions
  12. Just saw Under the Skin at the cinema so fucking weird & strange but on the whole I liked it. Really split opinion with the group I saw it with. Some hated others loved. It's slightly better than average I'd say not worthy of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. Go with a group and you'll have different opinions about what the fuck it was meant to be about. Guaranteed
  13. Watched Doubt the other night with Hoffman and Streep in it - was mint
  14. I saw Argo recently was alright but the critics seem to rate it a lot more than I did. Flight was class, Denzel is the man. His monologue speech at the end was brilliant
  15. Where art thou Saaasaaa? Barca :lol:
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