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  1. He gets a fair easier time on here than other players despite never being that great. He works hard I'll give him that but I don't rate him too highly. Would still be sticking with him and KM for the moment mind
  2. Strange how it's not worked out considering the success he has had in Scotland scoring goals. He's missed so many chances this year and he simply hasn't performed. Easier saying he'd do better now the team is creating more but he was missing chances pretty much every week when in the team. We've been very good the last two games at pressing opposition high up the pitch, I'd be reluctant to write him off considering the amount of goals he's scored for us in the past but for the moment I don't think he deserves a place in the team
  3. He signed a four year contract so it runs out in summer 2016
  4. Rangers: Bell; McGregor, McCulloch, Mohsni, Wallace; Murdoch, Shiels, Law, Templeton; Miller, Clark. Subs: Robinson, Black, Vuckic, Hardie, Daly, Aird, Crawford.
  5. Moshni does not deserve a 7. The only time Hibs got openings (Hanlon from corner and then when the guy went through and Zal blocked it) was down to him. Clark deserves a 6, missed a big chance but worked hard
  6. We need to close them down higher up the pitch. We allowed Hibs too have far too much easy possession in that half. A decent enough performance though. Faure showing he's much better than Foster
  7. The 2002-2003 treble winning team are better than Walter's 07-11 sides IMO
  8. 5 points behind with four games to play
  9. I think we have a chance of winning the league tbh Today was a very small step in the right direction. I'll start being a lot more positive if Hearts continue to drop points or we start to look like putting together a run. I'm not going to get delirious though based off just one result going in our favour. The odds remain very much in their favour
  10. Don't get me wrong this is good for us, but people are going overboard. I'm grateful for the result but it's only a small step in the right direction for us and shouldn't be treated with a ridiculous amount of joy
  11. One game, one result. Let's keep things in perspective! That won't happen on this forum though
  12. Good result for us but will mean very little unless we keep winning games in the league. People should keep the celebrations in check as well. We're still 13 points behind Hearts
  13. Very sad it has ended this way. McCoist was a legend to me when he took over as manager. It's regrettable he never got the chance to have a proper go for the top flight title. I think overall he didn't do a particularly good job for us but the circumstances in which he managed were so far removed from what any other Rangers manager has had to face, its sad as I said he never got a proper chance to compete for the SPL title. I think it's right he goes and I hope a reasonable settlement can be reached in regards to his wages. If he cares about the club as much as he preaches then he won't demand every last penny that he's contractually entitled to. On McDowall I'm underwhelmed by the appointment, but its dictated by finances and it would be wrong to pre-judge him
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