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  1. Think it’s all to continue the separate entity lie, they are just another team across Scottish football and nothing to do with them.
  2. That celtic statement is sickening. There’s nothing unequivocally in that statement. They have apologised for the whole of Scottish football and included their team with this other team called celtic boys club. They are still claiming separate entity.
  3. The commentary is a joke, they are far from dominating this game. I’ve not giving up on an equaliser yet.
  4. He was a patsy, Browns elbow was one that even they couldn’t make “unproved”
  5. Fast Track Notice of Complaint | Albian Ajeti, Player, celtic FC Tuesday 9 February 2021 Player: Albian Ajeti, celtic FC Match: Kilmarnock FC v celtic FC Date: Tuesday 2 February 2021 Competition: Scottish Premiership Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 201: No player shall cause a match official to make an incorrect decision and/or support an error of judgment on the part of a match official by an act of simulation which results in that player’s team obtaining a Substantial Advantage. Any Fast Track Notice of Complaint alleging a breach o
  6. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/
  7. This game might finish 3-0 but there’s an argument for it should being 1-1.
  8. If you was told that both the teams were at Scotland 2nd tier level you wouldn’t be surprised. No wonder the Kilmarnock manager quit.
  9. Former SFA Chief Executive Roger Mitchell has giving up.
  10. They are a deluded lot but even for them you would hope it’s too far fetched.
  11. They’re trolling the peado sympathisers
  12. That cunt has targeted the most gullible group known to man to sell shite, I bet he’s not even a celtic fan and makes money off the cretins.
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