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  1. What’s mental is being in a forum where I get stupid fucking messages telling me to watch what I’m saying. If there’s a leave option I’ll take it but I can’t find it so just fucking ban me. Can’t me arsed with it.
  2. Look if I could leave I’d leave there’s no leave option. Just ban me the guys a cunt and I’ll continue calling him a cunt. You’ve no choice.
  3. The league is won but they are a little early for the parties. They are kids, kids do stupid things. My guess is BBC Scotland for the 1st ones to report it and to make it the worst COVID breach ever in the whole wide world.
  4. It can’t be anything but, they can’t say it’s for court cases they’ve already used that excuse for not allowing current cases to be shown. The cunt Henry should be jailed.
  5. The paedos is convicted they could of got evidence from court transcripts etc but decided against it. That Henry should be jailed for this inquiry, don’t know what the charge would be but that cunt has failed victims of the most heinous crime imaginable.
  6. I don’t understand why it’s all accusations. Michelle and her family fought hard in court to put the animal in jail. It’s disrespectful to not acknowledge that the accusations have been proven in court and the animal is guilty. Why couldn’t they name him?
  7. Where the alleged perpetrator is dead and therefore no convictions will be forthcoming, the outcome of the Independent Inquiry and related investigations will be fundamental to allow victims to hold our club vicariously liable. If this inquiry was done normally then Rangers should be able to direct the victims to court, they might not be able to agree a monetary value or the insurance company might insist it goes through a court setting, I don’t know but it should be an option. I doubt this inquiry will be of any worth to victims of Neely just as it is to victims of other clubs.
  8. Just read it, that’s sickening. Victims are calling this inquiry a whitewash, it’s a disgrace.
  9. Me too. This is the apology the inquiry asks of us. “The Independent Review recommends that the clubs and organisations concerned issue an unequivocal and unreserved public apology to those who have been personally directly affected by sexual abuse in Scottish football. This apology should be on behalf of the club/organisation itself as well as the wider football family.” All the clubs have apologised along them lines, apologising for all affected across Scottish football and not specifically at their club. This has allowed the majority of the media(Alex Thomson on twitter calls it as it is) to congratulate the teams apologies, the inquiry (at 1.27 )congratulated celtic for their previous apology and the SFA will be able to tick a box. It’s nothing but a whitewash. The apologies are cleverly worded, lawyer written shite to allow them to deny any liabilities and the inquiry with SFA will allow it. Hope Rangers take their time and apologise directly to the people that matter, the media is just an insignificant noise and we should just continue ignoring them. I’ve no doubt we are working behind the scenes to rectify the wrongs correctly.
  10. Wright looked good when he came on, Davis immense and Jack’s goal was superb. Good performance overall I thought albeit we should of managed another goal.
  11. By refusing to realise SFA’s true purpose with this inquiry it’ll be impossible for you to use this inquiry as a basis for Rangers to improve on safe guarding children. All we can take from this inquiry is that there’s three incidents that needs us to take decisive action on. The rest is mealy mouthed rubbish which Kenny Dalglish could of done with his “ maybe i or maybe no”
  12. Is that not what this notorious inquiry should of done? Why did the inquiries TORs specify that it wasn’t within the scope to investigate breaches of child safeguarding? The inquiry was ordered that it wasn’t allowed to put blame to any clubs. Look at this apology from SFA after this Henry stated that a club didn’t do the right thing when they were made aware of children being sexually abused. Henry had to apologise.
  13. He’s better ignored. He is insignificant and just a fucking idiot. I’ll never read any shite he writes, not even wasting 20 seconds on that cunt.
  14. It’s an emotional subject and we are going to have differing opinions. The parameter of the inquiry I understand completely, that’s the issue. It should of been about adults who when children were sexually abused instead it was about protecting a football team. But hey ho you crack on!
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