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  1. Their wankstain journalists have been feeding them shite for years now with the quadruple treble invincible crap. When reality inevitably hit them it was always going to be hard for the easily led tossers.
  2. Back to perspective with a bang, you are right.
  3. Didn’t think I would ever say this but I’m starting to feel sorry for the little weirdo.
  4. Suppose the AI thingy will keep them informed. Can’t think of anyone to step in,Edmundson if he is passed his ban, maybe?
  5. If he busts a guy for Gerrard it'll give us the same outcome as busting a guy for Rangers. We have lots of options,in a game that doesn’t suit him where he might have to kick a few players then someone else will step in but European games and maybe against them, might make him a decent asset. If he does revitalise his career you would be looking at an 8 figure transfer value. We need to take risks in the transfer market because we can’t afford players with the quality we require, he’s a risk worth taking.
  6. He wants to play for Gerrard’s team, why would he come here and compromise it. We should only sign players that are happy to be at the level of Scottish football?
  7. Us having a manager like Gerrard where players want to play for him rather than our team is a plus not a negative. All the wee bigot can get is Duffy.
  8. I’d give our captain a rest today, not sure who fits in mind you but he deserves a rest.
  9. Can’t see Benfica not beating any of the other two sides so even if we lose(which we won’t) our two games we will still be through by being second.
  10. Who’s to say it wouldn’t of affected the game the same as it did with the 3-3 draw. He would of made the substitutions in that game because of the players being fucked. It’s a difficult one!
  11. Tav had an off game but it’s now clear we are a team that takes collective responsibility for failure so much so that our captain can put his hands up to his failure at the second goal and we are no longer hounding him or any player selectively. We are a great team, Gerrard will become a manager in the mold of Shankly or Fergie.
  12. I thought the substitutions in the 3-3 draw with them was a factor in them getting back, it changed the game for their benefit. Suspect that was in Steve’s mind when we were 2-0 up.
  13. My guess is Malky Mackay. Their SFA released him just in time to help their team.
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